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Wee Felt Cardinal Complete Sewing Kit


This kit includes everything you need to create a beautiful crimson red cardinal for play or winter decorating! Kit includes complete illustrated directions, pattern, a helpful stitch guide, and all of the materials necessary to make your own wool cardinal ornament. These DIY kits make great gifts for the crafters in your life, or you can make yourself something special to decorate your home for the winter season. The cardinals make a beautiful red accent in a window, can be hung from a tree branch as a centerpiece, or swing from a mobile and fly with the breeze.

The sewing kit is packaged with eco-friendly materials and its contents are 100% natural for the goodness of the earth and your family.

The kit includes:

• 4.5” x 8” red felted wool knit
• 1.5” x 1.5” black wool felt
• 1/2 x 1/2” orange wool felt
• 6 yards of red embroidery floss
• 2 yards of black embroidery floss
• 1/2 ounce of wool batting
• Glass beads (for the eyes)
• Embroidery needle

What You’ll Need:

• Scissors
• Pins (optional)

This cardinal sewing kit is designed for novice adult crafters or experienced children over the age of 8. The ornament is entirely hand sewn. No machine sewing or needle felting required!

The kit features a 100% wool fabric that is machine knit and then felted with warm water and agitation. Its felted nature means that its raw edges won’t unravel, but its knit quality allows it to stretch. The luscious red wool will be a perfect accent against a holiday tree or window.

Once you’ve completed the kit, you can try to felt your own material to make more cardinals. Just wash an old wool sweater in your machine with just a little detergent. Let’s slow down textile waste and make something old into something new!

Recommended for age 8 and up.

Made in the USA.

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