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Forest Gnomes Stationary Folder with Set of 8 Note Cards


This set of charming note cards includes 8 different illustrations by Danish artist, Peter Nielsen. Each card has a scene of a different forest gnome and how he or she goes about the day. The forest gnomes each have a Latin species name for their associated plant or tree, and a common name. A short description of each image is included on the back of each card. Blank inside so they can be used for any kind of occasion. 8 included envelopes.

Printed in Latvia and made from environmentally certified FSC paper. 
The envelopes are made of eco-friendly eucalyptus paper.

- The forest gnome, Ulmus (Elm Tree), has a burning interest in fire and resin from trees, which makes the wood crackle so nicely in the woodstove. He collects wood in the forest. In the winter, butterflies and other insects hide between the logs, which is always a great surprise!

- Calluna, the heather gnome, takes care of the animals of the forest. She is  shown warning a fox cub not to eat litter left in the woods by humans, as she knows it will be bad for his health.

- The elf, Trollius (Globe Flower), builds little houses for his friends, the birds. Here they can stay safe and warm through the cold winter. He is shown helping the birds move into the wooden nesting boxes he has made.

- The old gnome, Pinus (Pine Tree), is always dressed in green, like his namesake! He throws pine cones at humans who live litter in the forest, and he has a good laugh when he hits the target!

- When winter comes, the green-capped elf, Malus (Apple Tree), feeds the hungry animals of the forest. He is especially good friends with the field birds who love apples.

- The elf, Anemone, loves Christmas and all the animals of the forest, especially the sweet deer. In the winter, she helps them find roots in the woods so they have food to eat. In return, she gets a ride - and afterwards it is time for a snooze on the forest floor where there is shelter from the snow. The deer long for spring and all the lovely leaf meals the spring season brings.

- Avena, the oat gnome, loves to cook, especially porridge, and she loves eating it too. But so does the cat, Felicia, so she is always willing to help shake the oat sheaf, cook the porridge, and lick the plates.

- The doctor gnome, Chamomilia (Chamomile), helps the animals that are injured. In the loft of the old mill, she takes good care of any animals in need. At the moment, she is caring for a badger who has had a bad experience with an automobile.

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