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Grimm's Wooden Advent Spiral


This beautiful wooden spiral is a memorable way to celebrate each day of Advent.  Originally a German tradition, this is a lovely way to enjoy the season. The spiral has 24 holes to move along in the month of December up to the eve of Christmas. Children will love watching the movement from the outside, and delight in the anticipation of reaching the final inside day.

 You can choose to insert 24 candles, and light one for each day. This creates a beautiful effect as each candle lends its light and the spiral gets gradually brighter each day until Christmas Eve when the whole spiral is aglow. Alternatively, you can use the more traditional 4 Advent candles and move each candle one space for each day of the 4 weeks of Advent. Our wooden birthday decorations, some greenery, flowers, a sprig of holly, or our Holy Family figures can be added to create a stunning dining or nature table decoration.

Our family likes to sing a Christmas carol with the lighting of each candle. This simple celebration brings us together as a family, and our children look forward to this moment each day.

Each segment is about 10 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide. The center circular piece is 6 1/2 inches in diameter and includes 2 peg holes on it. Each segment is slightly different in shape so they can be curved to form the spiral. The entire spiral could be made larger or smaller depending on how much space you allow between the segments. Or it could be set up in a long, curving wave. Made in Germany.

This listing is for the spiral only. Candle holders, candles, and decorations are sold separately.


NOTE: In the spirit of celebrating our blessings as we move forward through the month of December, we gently make the following suggestion. Instead of giving children a small gift as they move through the days on this Advent spiral, we recommend offering inspirations for special prayers for loved ones, good deeds for neighbors, friends, and those less fortunate, and activities to create special family moments this beautiful season. We have developed a list of thoughtful ideas and will include it along with this Advent spiral.

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