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<i>The Easter Craft Book</i> by Thomas and Petra Berger

The Easter Craft Book by Thomas and Petra Berger


The authors show how to make Easter figures and decorations of dough, wool, felt or tissue paper, different ways of decorating eggs, making egg cosies and puppets, and creating a festive table. A beautiful, fully illustrated book.

87 pp.  
6 3/4" x 7 1/4"



Part 1 Spring: Mother Earth and the flower-children in coloured wool; flower-children made from felt; a picture made of fairy-tale wool; transparency of modelling wax; Palm Sunday branches; a paper Palm Sunday cock.

Part 2 Dough figures: figures made with smooth dough; dough-cock for the Palm Sunday branch; Easter hare made of smooth dough; an Easter nest with eggs; little bread men made of dough; Easter wreath made of dough; filled hens; Easter hare or lamb made of turban-dough ; whitsun bird made of dough.

Part 3 Easter figures with salt-dough: making salt-dough digures with children; a plaited wreath of salt-dough; salt-dough for intricate figures; an Easter hare made of salt-dough; an Easter medallion; an Easter tree made of salt-dough.

Part 4 A festive table: an Easter tree; Easter branches with eggs; a box or eggshell with cress; a lamb made of butter; home-made egg-cups; folding an egg-cup; cutting out doilies; a plaited Easter basket or box; decorating candles.

Part 5 Working with wool and textiles: a hare made with a cloth knotted; little chickens made of wool (pompoms); hares made of wool; a knitted hare; a knitted hen; knitted Easter hare as an egg-cosy; felt egg-cosy; felt hen as an egg-cosy; an Easter hare as a finger-glove-puppet; an Easter hare as a glove-puppet; knitted Easter hare as a glove-puppet.

Part 6 Before you begin to decorate: decorating Easter eggs; blowing out eggs; hanging up the eggs; eggs to be decorated by children; colouring eggs with plant dyes; painting eggs with water-colours; decorating eggs with decorating wax; decorating eggs by scratching away the colour; using a stamp on eggs; decorating eggs with trimmings and wool; decorating eggs with dried flowers and leaves; decorating eggs with paper-filigree; decorating eggs with paper flowers; decorating eggs with straw and wood shavings; decorating eggs with beads; making batik eggs with flowers and plants; making batik eggs; the golden egg.

Part 7 Working with paper: cutting out concertina paper; Easter transparencies; an origami hen; an origami hare; an origami swan; little doves of card and tissue-paper; butterflies made of tissue-paper; flowers made of tissue-paper; elves made of tissue-paper.

Part 8 Materials and tools.

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