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Large Hollow Wood Building Block Set


Children will transform this 16 piece large wood building block set into countless creations! It can become an airport, a puppet theater, a camping tent, a king and queen's throne, a highway, a bridge, a tunnel, a tall, tall tower - anything your child can imagine!  Each block is sturdy enough for an adult to stand or sit on. 

The set includes two long ramps (15 1/2 inches long by 8 inches wide) that can be used in endless ways.  We highly recommend this set as a gift that will be loved and used again and again. Everyone will enjoy this versatile toy! Solid birch wood and plywood construction. Made in China, extremely well assembled and finished with a non-toxic clear coat to protect the wood from occasional liquid spills. 

Largest block measures: 15.5″W x 8″D x 4″H. Smallest block measures: 4″W x 8″D x 4″H

Photo Note: The second photo shows the Large Building Block Set and selections from a Tunnel Set (see link below) sold separately. Children love having both these sets to play with together.

NOTE: This item is heavy and will be drop shipped to you from the distributor. We will only ship this item to the lower 48 States unless you are willing to pay the actual UPS/USPS Priority shipping charge - which we would have to look up on a case by case basis. If you order additional items, they will be shipped in a separate box.  The blocks cannot be gift wrapped and may take 1-2 weeks to ship.



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