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Birthing/Nursing Doll

Birthing/Nursing Doll

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This is quite an unusual doll and some of you may be shocked by the pictures. This Birthing Doll is hand made in the Waldorf tradition using all natural cotton and wool materials. See pull down menu for current hair, skin, and dress options.

When it is time, our Birthing Doll can have her cotton undies pulled down and she can give birth to a small cotton/wool baby doll. As the baby is born, it has an umbilical cord attached to a red felt circle symbolic of the placenta. The cord can be unsnapped from the baby's stomach and then put back into momma for safe storage. Baby has a snap on its mouth and can be gently placed (snapped) onto mommy's breasts to nurse. Mommy's breasts each have a snap for secure latching on. Mommy's dress snaps open in the front and can be mostly snapped up for discrete nursing.  Baby can be carefully placed back into mommy (feet first) for another birth experience.

We have observed many children play with these dolls, they are very gentle and considerate and are not "grossed out". They know that baby needs to nurse and be cared for by mom. The way the slit into mommy's stomach is sewn, can be symbolic of either natural or C-Section delivery. 

This 14" tall doll can be used by Midwives, Pediatricians, Nurses, Birthing or Sibling Classes, as a gift to an older sibling or new mom. Use your own judgment about age appropriateness. I would recommend this doll be for a child over 5 years old but I've seen younger children play with it very respectfully as well.

Designed and made in Brazil to teach young woman about natural childbirth. Handmade by a group of rural women exclusively for A Toy Garden. 

"Dear Sonya, We received the nursing doll on Wednesday (can't believe it arrived so quickly) and my daughter LOVES it! Thank you so much. All the best, Susanna H." NY 9/22/07

"Hello, I just got our birthing/nursing doll, It came only three days after ordering it, and we love it. It is exquisitely made, a wonderful learning toy for boys and girls, and very reasonably priced. I have never seen a doll quite like this, I highly recommend it. Thank you, Ami S. , Eugene, OR 6/19/2009"

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