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SweetPea Doll

SweetPea Doll

Price: $129.95

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Our exclusive SweetPea Baby Doll is heavy and huggable. It is filled with about 4 pounds of millet and wool to make it feel like a real baby. This is a beautifully made baby- whom all children (and adults) love to care for. Every adult who holds this baby immediately puts it over a shoulder and rubs its back or holds it and rocks it! Children smile when they pick it up and realize how heavy it is - they quickly get busy caring for it. This baby wears a cotton velour layer and cap that are both not removable. It has hand sewn facial features. SKIN OPTIONS: Chocolate, Mocha, Light Tan, and Fair (see picture of skin colors below).  HAIR (Bangs only) OPTIONS: Blonde, Sandy Blonde, Brown, Black, Red (often there is a straight or curly hair option, let us know if you have a preference).  EYE COLORS: Brown, Green, Blue, or Black. Mouth is slightly smiling, hand stitched. It is almost 20" tall (larger than many newborns). It is gender neutral. Sweetpea can be dressed in real newborn 0-3 month clothing or large doll clothing.

Handmade by a sew-at-home mom in the USA. A Toy Garden exclusive creation.

Chosen as one of Mothering Magazine's Top Picks of 2013

CUSTOM SWEETPEA: We are always restocking SweetPeas as fast as possible.  You are welcome to custom order a SweetPea choosing the velour body color, skin, hair, and eye colors.  Please contact us via email to do this  (sonya@atoygarden.com).  There will be a $20 charge for custom Sweetpeas. Please place the order and put in the comment section at the end of the order what you would like, color options may be limited to what the doll maker has at the time. The following colors of cotton blend velour may be available for special orders (tell us your 1st and 2nd choice):  Royal Blue, Raspberry Pink, Medium Purple, Red, Grass Green, Bubblegum Pink, Banana Yellow, Royal Purple and Sage Green.  We will communicate with you regarding your special order. Special Orders may take 1-4 weeks, depending on the time of year.

"We got the SweetPea yesterday and Sabina (my 4yr old) says "please tell that lady that i'm taking VERY good care of the baby." :) It's so much bigger than i imagined/ thought . . .even looking at the measurements. Thanks again for all you do and providing my (and so many others) children with quality, meaningful toys. ch. silver spring, md. 4/2/2013"

"We received the blue Sweet Pea! :-) He is absolutely lovely and our son is over the moon!!! :-D It was a surprise for him and I was not sure how he would react to the doll (it is his first one), but he absolutely loves it! He has not put it down all day long and it sleeps next to him tonight, our five month old daughter has to share now all her toys with the Sweet Pea doll. Too cute! :-D Thank you so much for all your help, it was very appreciated and also thanks for selling such a beautiful baby doll, we are just in love with it! Warmly, Maggie, NYC 9/29/2010"

"I bought a Sweet Pea doll for my daughter for her 2nd birthday. She is now coming up on four. Her doll was dressed in blue and quickly was named "Baby Blue". She is practically a member of the family. My daughter loves her, cares for her, tells stories about her and takes her everywhere. She is unlike any other doll or "friend" my daughter has. The other's are toys, this doll is real to her. Her friends will tell stories of their baby brothers and sisters and my daughter will match with stories of Baby Blue. Thank you for such a well made doll. She could not be more loved!! Mary, 6/24/2010"

"My son arrived home from school today to a package waiting on the front porch. He and Pomander (Sweetpea) have become fast friends. He is a lovely doll and will be well loved." Aurora, WA 1/4/06

"Hi Sonya, I just wanted to let you know we received the doll (custom sweetpea) and play silks yesterday and are THRILLED! Thanks so much! Jodi", Bellevue, NE 11/16/07

"...The doll is more than what I expected. I am extremely satisfied with the quality, design, and personality of my SweetPea, who we have named Baby Sunshine. I am 26 weeks pregnant now, and we use the doll to prepare my soon-to-be-three DD for the new arrival! Everyone who has been introduced to Baby Sunshine has loved him. I just can't get over the quality of the doll! This is a beautiful heirloom!! Thank you so much also for the incredible customer service! Victoria, Opelousas, LA 6/1/2011"

"Just wanted to let you know that our Pink SweetPea arrived safely and in time to be wrapped and snuggle in her cozy "womb-ish" box under the Christmas tree for a couple of days before she met her knew lil' mama. She is just perfect and MyLeah loves her already. Thank you so much for making it happen. I'm delighted that it worked out! Please be sure to thank your doll maker for being willing to create her so fast at such a busy time. She did a fantastic job. She's the cutest Sweet Pea yet! I was so excited for her to open her!" Jennifer, MI, 12/26/2011

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