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Juggling Balls

Juggling Balls

Price: $9.95

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A set of 3 hand-crocheted rainbow Juggling Balls.  Great for beginning jugglers or just to throw and catch and play and count. Sizes vary slightly within sets.  Fair Trade, made in Guatemala.

"Let me start by saying they are beautiful. The colors are so vibrant and exciting, plus the patterns are so fun. Pixie, and the rest of the brood, love them! As far as play value goes... at four years old Pixie may be too young to juggle 3 balls, but she loves trying! In the end she wound up throwing 1 up at a time, but it's a start! Fortunately, Michelle can juggle quite well so she'll have lots of help. And, Michelle says they are perfect juggling balls... nice weight and perfect size. But even if you don't want to juggle with them, they make an all around great little ball, easy to hold on to, and perfect for a riveting game of "put and take" for the youngest jugglers!"  Kimara at Weefolkart Blog 10/2/2010

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