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Spool Knitting Kit - USA

Spool Knitting Kit - USA

Price: $12.95

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Our Spool Knitting Kit comes with everything your child needs to get started with this classic activity.  It has a wood spool with four secure staples for wrapping yarn around.  These staples are nicely rounded on top, no pokies!  There is a knitting needle with an eye at one end for weaving in the ends of the yarn and a point at the other end for knitting the yarn.  There are great picture instructions to get you started with ideas for advanced spool knitters.  There is a nice bit of yarn for getting your eager knitter started.  Once this runs out, Spool Knitting is a great activity for using up bits and pieces of yarn from other projects.  This is a great way to make knitted ropes to use for jump ropes, horse reigns, and many other uses.  Recommended for children over 5 years old with supervision.  Great gift for a 5-7 year old.  Made by Harrisville Designs in the U.S.A.

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