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Rainbow Ark

Rainbow Ark

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Our Rainbow Ark is great for children 2 and up.  It is beautifully handmade in the US of solid woods.  The five pairs of animals are sturdy yet full of character.  The animals live in the upper part of the ark until the children come to let them out for play.  The giraffes can peek through the hole in the roof.  The lid can be removed to allow the animals to roam. 

When a wooden peg is lifted, the upper part of the ark slides and exposes a secret space under the deck, containing 3 wooden rainbow arches, each made from a different wood (see pictures below).  These can be taken out and played with.  

Sturdy wooden wheels are built into the bottom of the ark so it can be rolled on the floor or table top.  The ark is 13" long, 8 inches tall, about 6 inches wide.  This is an heirloom quality, yet very playable ark!  A natural danish oil finish is used which evaporates after 72 hours and is safe and non-toxic.  Made in the USA.

A Toy Garden
Tucked among the willows,
almost to difficult to see,
Lies a special little garden,
that grows toys for you and me.

We'll find a lamb's wool rug for baby,
dress-up clothes for both we two,
A little wooden ark for Noah,
and a rainbow boat with all its crew.

With sturdy blocks we'll build a little fortress in the trees,
And arm it with a catapult,
to save the royal gnome families.

If hunger pangs should strike you,
A Toy Garden is your place,
To find pizza and chef's salad,
eggs and toast,all served with grace.

There are lots more things to find there,
Special treasures, planted just for mom--
A birthday mug, a burl root bowl,
wood cap mushrooms--Let's pick her some!

So come, let's visit A Toy Garden
And share with all our friends,
All the creative fun we've found there,
Oh, the joy just never ends!

Michelle Getz, Medway, MA

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