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Great Set of 8 Play Silks

Great Set of 8 Play Silks

Price: $84.00

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An amazing set of home-dyed and hand-hemmed (8mm) 34x35", 100% silk, Play Silks, in 8 beautiful colors of the rainbow: yellow, apricot, orange, red, pink, lavender, blue, and green. These are all in a medium tone - neither pale nor bright. Soothing colors on silks that are soft, durable, and the most open-ended toy in the world - at the world's best price! They are produced in China and dyed, ironed, and packaged in the US. These silks are $10.50 each.

Use the Options Bar to add a Batik Cotton Drawstring Bag for storing Bean Bags.  See picture of bags in images below - click on image to enlarge. Sorry, Cotton Drawstring Bags are Out of Stock.

We offer beautiful silks at this price because we believe every child should have a basket full of silks to play with, and a few extra to share with friends! 

PLEASE NOTE:  As with all playsilks, sizes vary from silk to silk.  They are hand-hemmed, dyed in very hot water, ironed, and each of these processes can change the size of the silks.  They are not perfect squares.  We find that children do not notice and enjoy each as it is.

"Just had to tell you, we've had your playsilks for years at my house, and my 13 year old now takes them with her as part of her 'babysitting kit' when she watches other children - they're a huge hit! If she shows up without them, the kids beg her to ask us to bring them, instead of watching videos or playing hand-held computer games...   Keep up the great work" - Sarah

"My children LOVE the silks and the dolls! Thank you! :O) " Stephenie L., Oceanside, CA, 5/5/10 

"Last Nov.,Granddaughter Maleah was preparing to carve a pumpkin with her Mom on the floor. She barely took the silks off after receiving them, and wore them all day long."  04/23/09  NanaPat (see her granddaughter in images below)

"i bought a set of playsilks from you for my daughter when she turned three...she is now seven, and there have been very few days when she and her little sister have not played with them..truly money well spent! thansk so much!! i love your offerings." Amanda, Pennsylvania 10/18/09

"Dear Sonya, The playsliks arrived yesterday and they are gorgeous! Thank you and good luck to you and your family! Regards, Radostina, Bulgaria 12/14/2010"

Special thanks to our customer, Amalia, 19 months old from Florida, bathed in the beauty of silks! How precious! 

"I wanted to let you know (now years later) how much my children enjoy all of the play silks we purchased from your store. My girls are now 9 and 6 years old and they continue to play with them regularly. While we pack up other toys that they have outgrown, these are consistently the ones we leave out, and get played with regularly. All the neighborhood kids and kids over on a playdate (boys included) love the play silks, too. Whether it's dress up, or some invention or invented world they are creating, the play silks are essential to them. I am so happy we "invested" in the whole collection of silks, and can't thank you enough for offering them." Lynmarie, 9/11 

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