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The following is a list of all the Categories, Products and Feature Articles on our site. We hope it will assist you in finding what you're looking for.


6-8 Year Olds

9-12 Years Old


Hair clips, headbands, necklaces, crowns, wands, and more!

Activity Books

Activity books for Felting, Knitting, Crafting, Drawing, Cooking, Nature Exploration & More!


"In the Advent garden, dark the night below, Earth is waiting, waiting, waiting, for the stars to glow." M. Meyerkort

Arks, Animals, and Ships

An assortment of animals, boats, and arks made of wood, felt, or metal.

Around the House

Wooden Drying Racks, Brooms and Dust Pans, and more, help the housework to get done.

Art Supplies

Stockmar Crayons, Lyra Pencil sets, Paints, Modelling Beeswax, Decorating Beeswax, Chalk, Paper, and More!

Art Supplies & Kits

Stockmar, Lyra, Seccorell Shading Sticks, Kite Paper, Modelling  & Decorating Beeswax, Candle Kits, Craft Kits, Science Kits, & How-To Books.


Here are decorations for the dining table, books to read to your child, and toys for play during the Autumn.


Wood and fabric rattles, homesewn Silk & Flannel Baby Blankets, all-natural Dolls and teething toys, natural baby wipes and more to welcome little ones into the world!

Baskets, Bags, Purses

Baskets of all sizes and for all ages. Purses from felt, leather, velvet, cotton, or gourd. Little backpacks and book bags.


Special toys and treasures great for Birthday Gifts or Goody Bags.


Blocks in various sizes & shapes that allow toddlers to stack, knock-down, and build!

Blocks & Stackers

Here are arches for bridges and blocks for building.  Also find stackers, those great first toys for toddlers!

Books & Music

Quality Books for children and adults. Songbooks and CDs with songs to sing to and with children.

Books by Betty Staley

Mrs. Staley is a long time Waldorf Educator and author. Here are a few of her books addressing adolescence, temperaments, parenting, and stages of adult life.

Books for Ages 10 and Older

Children 10 and older want a good book to read independently.  Here we have books with subject matter suited to the child who is at least 10 years old.

Books for Children

Fairies, Animals, Children, Stories, Poems, Songs...  So many ways to start children on a life long love of reading!

Books for The Family

Books for the Family to read together or for parents to read and use to bring new ideas to their home and children.

Castles, Animals, Figures

Castles, gnome homes, doll house figures, wood and felt animals, and trees!

Christmas Treasures

"Winter is dark, Yet each tiny spark, Brightens the way, To Christmas Day!" H. St. John


It might be the last one we have and be discontinued, it may have a small blemish. Help us clear the shelves and find good homes for these treasures!


Children's wool or silk undergarments.  Rain Gear (Puddle Pants, Coats, Hats, and Gloves). Wool gloves, warm hats, scarves, socks, and sun hats, too!


 Blocks, trucks and implements to help little ones use their imaginations to build!

Craft & Activity Books

How to Craft, Making Fairy-Tale Puppets, Knitting Wool Animals, Cooking, Stickers, Drawing, Coloring, and More!

Craft Kits & Activities

Knitting, Weaving, Looms, Basket Making, Airplanes, Felting Balls, Crochet, Hats & More!

Crafts by Age

Projects are listed here by age-appropriateness.  Some are good for many ages, but some are for specific years.  Categorized for easier shopping!


Here are items to decorate a baby's room, an older child's room, or a holiday table. Whatever the occasion, these will help make your home beautiful.


Do It Yourself - do you know someone who loves to create it themselves?  This is your category.  Kits, supplies, ideas.  It's all here!

Doll Houses, Doll Strollers, and More!

Everything for a doll to live, be cared for, fed, loved, and have fun!


Beautiful handmade dolls for every child.


Hand-made, soft dolls and gnomes for girls and boys. Wood tree houses, cradles, strollers, and high chairs.


Simple dolls made of all natural materials, perfect for toddlers to care for and love!

Dress Up & Play Silks

Best selection and prices for Play Silks! Find Rainbow Silks and Silk Canopies. Fairy Dresses, Knights, Kings, Clowns, and many other costumes!


Fairy dresses, Knights and Kings, Hunters, Clowns, Magicians, Flowers, Queens, and more. Quality and creative dress ups.

Eight to Eleven year olds

Kits and supplies appropriate for children ages 8 to 11.  Some also are good for the younger child, others are also good for older children, and many are fun for the whole family.


Fairies, books about fairies, and treasures that fairies love to play with!

Fairies, Mermaids and Angels

Fairies and Nymphs, Tooth Fairies, Mermaids and more.

Fall Gifts

As the air gets cooler, the days get shorter and the colors of the leaves are changing, here are some great gifts for that special child - or teacher - in your life.

Finger & Hand Puppets & Small Creatures

Creatures who jump on our fingers and hands and love to tell stories!

Five to Seven Year Olds

Kits and supplies appropriate for children ages 5 to 7.  Some also are good for the younger child, others are also good for older children, and many are fun for the whole family.

For Your Room

Candles, guardian angels, fun pictures and more to make a room special for your child.


Board games, cooperative games, string games, card games, bingo, tic tac toe, and activities the whole family will enjoy!

Games & Puzzles

Cooperative Games, Competitive Games, games to play alone or in groups, and Wood or Jigsaw Puzzles for all ages and different skill levels.

Gifts by Age

Our favorite gifts for each of the following age groups: Infants, Toddlers, Preschool, Kindergarten, 6-8 year olds, 9-12 year olds, and Teenagers!

Gifts by Category

Need a suggestion for a gift?  Here are some categories to help you find just the right item!

Gifts by Season

"September turns the green leaves brown, October winds then shake them down, November fills with bleak and drear, December comes and ends the year." F. Watson


"The little gnomes are sitting on their crystal thrones! The red, blue, yellow precious stones, are all their homes!" M. Meyerkort

Gnomes, Mushrooms, Homes

Gnomes of all sizes and shapes and their homes!


"Kindle the taper like the steadfast star, Ablaze on evening's forehead o'er the earth, And add each night a lustre till afar, An eightfold spender shine above thy hearth."  Emma Lazarus

Hats, Scarves & Gloves

Children's hats for warmth & sun protection. Wool gloves for children & adults. Scarves for teens & women.

Home School

Home-schooling your children?  An assortment of paper, kits, and supplies to make your journey more rewarding.

Hostess Gifts

Wholesome gifts that you'll feel great about giving!


Jewelry and Hair Accessories

Jewelry and hair accessories for all ages!


Little Things

Little treasures that children love to find as a surprise. Great for tucking in a lunch box or a basket! There's even a few treasures for all ages.

Meal Time

Here you will find baskets, napkins, cannisters and more to use when making your child their school lunches or eating at home.  

Miniature Treasures

Step inside another world, where time slows down and even the tiniest treasure is full of wonder and suprise!


Wood, brass, & cloth mobiles to decorate a child's room, your home or office!

Moccasins & Socks

The best baby and child moccasins that don't fall off! And organic socks, too!

Music with Children

Songbooks, music, and instruments for use by and with children.

Nature Table

Many Waldorf families like to keep a table that reflects the current season and may be a place for children to put treasures found on a walk in the woods.

Outside Play

Buckets, shovels, gloves, little tools, jump ropes, swings, juggling, and toys for outside play.

Play Food & Cooking

Visit our quality selection of pretend cooking foods, pots and pans, and dishes. Don't miss our felted and wood fruits and vegetables. Child sized Aprons and Chef Hats make cooking much more fun too!

Play Silks

Best selection of Play Silks in the world. Most are home-dyed by A Toy Garden and other work-from-home moms. Many of our prices are at wholesale, just because we think every child should have a basket of silks to play with - at an affordable price.

Pre-School Age

Puddle Pants & Rain Gear

Unique rain and mud overalls - we call Puddle Pants. Other rain gear includes: hats, gloves, and jackets.

Push and Pull

Everything for toddlers and young children to push or pull around!


Assortment of carefully selected puzzles for young children.

Rainbow Treasures

Rainbows, rainbows, everywhere!  Each of these items has the rainbow (or most of it) in it.  These toys and decorations are as visually appealing as they are fun!

Science & Building Kits

Make a Kaleidescope, Build an Airplane, 3-Dimensional Puzzles & more!

Silk Canopies & Decorations

Silk Canopies and handpainted Silks that transform a room or play area into an enchanted land!

Sonya's Picks

Some of my favorite toys that can be used for years, in many different and creative ways! Great for all ages!

Springtime Treasures


Special treasures that remind us of the coming spring, the Earth is awakening and the little creatures are coming out of their dens!

Summer Fun!

It's time to let go and have fun outside!  But be ready for rainy days and days when it is too hot to be outside.

Sweaters & more!

Sweater and Poncho Sets with matching hats or gloves!

Tea Parties & Play Food

Pots & pans, tea sets, dishes, aprons and tablecloths, wood and felt food.

Tea Party

Tea sets of all types from wood to fine porcelain.  Also we have accessories for a great tea party!


The Artist

 Gifts for the artist in each of us!

The Chef

The Entertainer

The Musician

The Scientist



Blocks, small toys and dolls enjoyed by toddlers, ages 1-3 years old.

Tooth Fairy Gifts

Travel Toys

Toys that travel well, on the plane, in a car, on long walks, visits to grandparents house, etc.

Treats for Adults/Teachers

Tree Houses and Castles

Two to Four Year Olds

Kits and supplies appropriate for children ages 2 to 4.  Some also are good older children, and many are fun for the whole family.  Please note that crafting with children this age requires parental supervision.


Toddlers are on the go and love to push, pull, and watch the wheels go 'round!

Wheels & Vehicles

Here are many trucks, trains, cars, planes, & helicopters. You can even find a horse and cart and some lovely sailboats, tugboats and a canoe.

Winter Gifts

Wool & Silk Undergarments

High quality machine-washable European wool long johns, shirts, and other garments to keep your children warm.



Between Form and Freedom, A Practical Guide to the Teenage Years by Betty Staley

Eggs for the Hunting by Reg Down

El Grillo y el Joven Pastor in SPANISH by Reg Down

Flower Fairy Alphabet CD based on poems by Cicely Mary Barker

Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett

Gnomes Deluxe Collector's Edition by Poortvliet/Huygen

Los Cuentos de Puntitas de Pies by Reg Down

Roses for Isabella by Diana Cohn

Salad People by Mollie Katzen

Soul Weaving by Betty Staley

Tapestries, Weaving Life's Journey by Betty Staley

The Bee Who Lost His Buzz by Reg Down

The Lonely Shadow by Clay Rice

The Magic Knot & Other Tangles by Reg Down

7 Colors in One Pencil Set

Autumn Garden Gnome Pair

Bark Tea Set

Children's Alpaca Hat and Fingerless Gloves Set

Children's Tie-Dye Organic Cotton Socks

Colored Twig Pencil Set

Cookware Set

Croaking Frog

Crocheted Baby Hat

Deluxe Birthday Ring and Decorations

Dewdrop Washable Doll

Dragonfly Jewelry Set

Eco Kids Egg Dyeing Kit

Eco-Kids Rolling Pin

Egg Gathering Basket Kit

Explorer's Backpack

Felt Bunny Child

Felt Flower Barrettes - Set of 6 Pairs

Felt Flower House

Felted Pizza

Fire and Ice Beeswax Candle Making Kit

Four Glass Hearts

Garden-opoly Game

Handcarved Owl Gourd Shaker

Handmade Branch Broom

Iris Gnome Pair

Itti Bitti Chickie Confetti

Jumbo Twilight Gnome Pair

Ladybug Felt Storage Boxes - Set of 3

Laptop Lunches Bento Set

Lunch Tote Reusable Lunch Bag

Make Your Own Fairy Kit

Mini Animal Set

Mini Car Set

Mini Colored Pencils

Mini Colored Pencils with Eraser and Sharpener

Mini Tangoes - Puzzle Game

Monkey Family - Set of Four

Multicolored Beeswax Candle Making Kit

Mushroom Felt Storage Boxes - Set of 3

Musical Instrument Set

Natural Beeswax Candle Making Kit

Naturally Dyed Play Silk

Olivewood Bowls and Spoons

Pastel Gnome Pair

Porcelain Flower Fairy Mug

Precious Dress Up Doll

Pretty in Pink Gnome Pair

Princess Dancer Dress

Puddle Pants

Pyramid Puzzle - Africa

Pyramid Puzzle - Sea

Rainbow People Boat

Rainbow People Mover

Red and Pink Beeswax Candle Making Kit

Red Baron Plane Kit

Red Jump Rope

Rose Petal Skirt

Safety Vest

Scarf of Circles

Seccorell Shading Sticks - Set of 8 in Case

Shimmering Cape

Silk Long Johns and Tops

Silk Yardage

Small Bear Backpack

Snowflake Confetti

Snuggle Bug Bunting Doll

Soothing Rattle

Spiral Bunting Doll

Spring Branch Silhouette

Spring Flower Candle Go-Round

Spring Rabbit Set

Squash Blossom Jumbo Gnome Pair

Stockmar Block Crayons in Tin

Stone Gnome Pair

Strawberry Gnome Pair

Strawberry Hat or Doll in Purse

Swedish Moccasins

Sweet Dreams Silk/Flannel Blanket - Cheerful Paisley and Bird Flannel

Sweet Dreams Silk/Flannel Blanket - Fairies and Flowers on Green

Sweet Dreams Silk/Flannel Blanket - Quilt Pattern Flannel

Sweet Dreams Silk/Flannel Blanket - Sweet Flower Flannel

Sweet Silver Post Earrings

SweetPea Doll

SweetPea Dress Up Doll

Tablecloth and Napkins Set

Tag-Along Doll

Tea Set from Recycled Plastic

Three Spring Bunnies Needle Felting Kit

Water Magic Set

Wildflower Seedles Set

Wood Art Caddy

Wood Cell Phone

Wood Mushrooms with Bark, Set of 2

Wood Tableware Set

Wood Trius Car

Wood Utensil Set

Wooden Eggs - 6 Sizes

Wool Headband

Yellow and Green Tableware Set with Cups

Children of the Forest Mini Edition by Elsa Beskow

Goodnight by Marjan van Zeyl

Our Fun, Feel-Better Book by Ruth Magan

24 Color Giant Pencils plus Splender in a Tin

5 Pieces of Modelling Beeswax - One Color Set

Alpaca Hat with Ear Flaps

Baby's Crocheted Flower Ring

Beatrix Potter Tea Set in a Book Box

Birds-foot Trefoil Flower Fairy Garland

Car Purse


Chickens Pecking Around

Choroi Pentatonic Flute with Tone Block

Clutch or Art Wrap DIY Kit

Colorful Alpaca Hats

Cotton Play Cloth

Crocheted Rose on a Loop

Duck Hand Puppet

Earthen Gnome Pair

Fairy Door

Felt and Ribbon Wand

Felt Chickadee Ornament

Felt Gingerbread People Ornament Set

Felt Gnome in a Cone

Felt Rabbit

Felt Rabbit with Carrot

Felt Squirrel

Felt Tea Party Set

Felt Tiptoes Fairy

Felted Acorn Baby

Felted Mushroom Headband and Pouch

Flip Over Red Spinning Tops - Set of 5

Flower Fairies Tea Set in a Book Box

Forest Friends Herbal Play Bean Bags

Fun Felt Garland

Fuzzy Organic Polar Bear

Green Felt Gnome Basket

Green Wool Snowflake Hats or Stockings

Herbal Play Bean Bags - Fruit and Vegetable Fabrics

Huge Felted Acorn

Kid's Play Hat - UPF 50+

Knight's Silk Cape

Knit and Lined Gnome Hat

Ladybug Pacifier Chain

Large Log Truck

Matching Napkin and Placemat Set

Mini 3D Bark Forest Scene

Mini Felted Mermaid

Mini Forest Doll

Mini Holiday Doll

Mr. & Mrs. Farmer Doll Pair

Napkins - Set of 5

Noah's Ark Wall Hanging

Onyx Stone Egg and Stand

Organic Cotton Baby Socks - Two Pair

Owl Gourd Drum with Stick

Parrot Page Markers

Piggy Paint Nail Polish

Pink Fairy Doll

Rainbow Alligator Pull Toy

Rainbow Felt Bead Necklace

Rainbow Feltsicle Hair Tie

Rainbow Silk Fairy Skirt or Garland

Rainbow Silk Streamer

Rainbow Silks

Rainbow Wood Necklace and Bracelet Set

Rolling ANIMALS - Set of Four

Round Felt Purse with Beaded Strap

Round Felt Purse with Beaded Strap - Mushrooms

Round Retro Puzzle

Set of Three Napkin Rings

Silk Princess Dress and Hat

Square Wood Bead Necklace Kit

Stockmar Stick Crayons in Tin

Sweet Crocheted Bracelet or Necklace

Velvet Cape with Tassled Hood

Window Crayons for Glass

Women's Cozy Handwarmers

Wood Single Stem Flower Vase

Wrist Ribbons - Set of Two

"Wee Sprites of Bellinwood" a Coloring Book by Denise Marshall

Apple Cake by Nienke van Hichtum

Emily and Daisy by Elsa Beskow

20 Beeswax Birthday Ring Tapered Candles

7 Days of the Week Gnomes

BIG Bag of Cotton Loops for Potholders

Birds Advent Calendar

Birds in a Tree Puzzle

Birthday Garland

Cell Phone and Essentials Purse

Child's First Xylophone

Child's Woven Cotton Backpack

Climbing Bear

Color Me 2 - Coloring Book

Cotton Pencil Case

Edward the Pull Alligator

Fairy-opoly Game

Family of Table Puppets

Farm Animals Box Set

Felt and Crochet Turtle Ornament

Felt Angel Fairies

Felt Cardinal Ornament

Felt Horse

Felt Owl Ornament

Felt Peacock Ornament

Felt Sheep

Felt Squirrel Ornament

Felted Gnome Hat

Felted Purse or Hat Kit

Fire Engine

Fishing Pole with Fish

Forest Animals Box Set

Glitter Glue

Gyroscope Discovery Pak

Hook Tipped Felted Gnome Hat

Ice Cream Cones

Juggling Balls

Jumbo Baby Rolling Wheel with Bell

Jumbo Forest Gnome Pair

Kaleidograph Card Set - Flora

Ladybug Pin

Large Stone Turtle

Lunchskin Reusable Baggies

Magnetic Travel Tangoes - Animal Puzzles

Math Gnomes in a Wood Tray

Paint Your Own Croaking Frog

Pepastar Bigset in Blue

Pink Fairy Wings

Poncho, Hat, Gloves Set

Pretty Felt Pin

Rabbit Clothes Bag

Rabbits' Den Advent Calendar

Rainbow and Pink Fairy Dress

Rainbow Angels Kit

Rainbow Baby Car

Rainbow Blocks Wagon

Rainbow Stacking Gnomes - Set of 5

Recycled Bowls, Plates, Utensils

Recycled Plastic School Bus

Red Firetruck

Red Helicopter

Ribbon Flyer

Root Children Gnome Pair


Soft Shield

Stacker from Recycled Plastic

Star of Light

Sweater, Sock, Hat, Mitten Set

Sweet Wood Earrings and Necklace Set

Toddler's Serving Set - Flower Fairy

Toddler's Serving Set - Peter Rabbit

Tugboat from Recycled Plastic

Under the Sea Animals Box Set

Wood Fruit in a Netted Bag

Wood Iron

Wood Tangram Puzzle

Wood Trees - Set of Three

Wood YoYo

Peter Rabbit Mini Board Book by Beatrix Potter

Whoo's There? A Bedtime Shadow Book

Winter, Awake! by Linda Kroll

Advent and New Year Calendar Card

Alphabet Cookie Cutters Set in Tin

Baby's First Organic Doll

Chick Puzzle

Child's Wool Pair of Gloves

Christmas Eve Parade Advent Calendar

Cotton Tricot Fabric for Doll Skin

Decorating Tape

Duck Shaped Tea Infuser

Eco-Finger Paint - 5 Colors

Fabulous Felt Flags

Fabulous Felted Ball

Felt Garland

Felt Ladybug Ring and Bracelet Set

Felt Mushroom Ring and Bracelet Set

Felt Pencil Holder

Forest Gnome Family Kit

Four Soapstone Animal Hearts

Gyroscopes Twin Pack

Handmade Wood Top

Hiking Hat - UPF 50+

Ladybug Apron Gardening Set

Ladybugs in a Pot

Large Flower Hair Tie

Magnetic On-the-Go Puzzle in Tin

Mini Cookie Cutter Set in Tin

Mini Sven Gnome

Natural Birthday Ring Set

Number Cookie Cutter Set in a Gift Box

Play Ark Set

Polka Dot Felt Bag

Puffy Rose Petal Skirt

Recycled Glass Heart Key Chains

Reversible Lame and Cotton Crown

Shiny Kaleidescope

Spool Knitting Kit - USA

Stack of 8 Felt Pancakes

Striped Moccasins

Teapot Tea Infuser

Toddler's First 50 Piece Block Set

Wood Tea Bags

Woodland Squirrel

Wool Felt Princess Set

Write Me a Story Activity Set

The Complete Book of Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker

Animal Bank

Beeswax Birthday Cake Candles

Christmas Tree Garland

Drawing or Painting Paper

Etch a Sea Creature Book

Fairy Queen Playing Cards

Fairytales Postcard Set

Fancy Scissors

Farm-opoly Game

Felt Finger Puppets

Felted and Beaded Mushroom Puppet

Felted Key Chains

Flip Over Spinning Tops - Set of 5

Geometric Color Circle Puzzle

Key Chain Train Whistle

Mini Hourglass on a Carabiner

Pick Up Sticks Game

Pocket Mirror

Pop-Up Sponge for Painting - Set of 3

Pull Back Mouse

Robin Hood Cape and Hat Set

Small Puzzles

Squirrel Wreath - Child Sized

Ukkie Children's Glue

Under The Sea Play Canopy

Wikki Stix Set

Wild Animal Figurine

Wizard Crown

Wonderful Wood Rattle

Wood Cutting Fruits and Vegetables with Tray

Wood Rolling Fish and Ball

Wool Roving - Various Sized Bags

10" Beeswax Taper Candles - Set of 2

12 Color Giant Lacquered Pencils in a Cardboard Box

Baking Tools

Caran D'Ache 18 Water Soluble Pencils in a Tin

Felt Giraffe

Felt Sheets Collection

Little Felt Mermaid Doll

Lyra Skin Tones Giant Pencils - Set of 4

Mini Orchard Game in Tin

Organic Cotton Fruit Set

Pencil Sharpener

Rainbow 9" Taper Candles - Set of 2

Space Age Pencil Case

Stockmar Narrow Decorating Wax Sheets

Stockmar Wide Sheet Decorating Wax

SunPrint Kit

Tan Doll Family

Wax Crayons - Set of 12

Wood Eggs - Set of Two

Wood Pasta

Wood Pears - Set of Two

Wood Yo-yo Kit

Wool Angel Garland

Colorful Wool Shirts/Pants/Tank

Felt Tooth Fairy Star

Mermaid Silk Costume

Miniature Christmas Book Set of 5

Rainbow Roller Rattle

Pretend Soup and Other Real Recipes by Mollie Katzen & A. Henderson

Make Your Own Pine Needle Wreath Kit

Spring Gnome Set

Winter Gnome Set

Silks for Building

Colorful Play Mini-Silks Set in a Pouch

Winter Colors Beeswax Candle Making Kit

Grab Bag Play Silks

Individual Silks

A Year Around the Great Oak by Gerda Muller

Asian Kites by Wayne Hosking

Autumn: A Collection of Poems, Songs and Stories for Young Children

Birthday by Norah Romer

Celebrate Green by Colwell and Colwell

Celebrating Christmas Together by Estelle Bryer & Janni Nicol

Coloring with Block Crayons by Sieglinde De Francesca

Come Follow Me CD

Come Follow Me CD Volume Two

D'Aulaires' Book of Trolls by Ingri and Edgar Parin d’Aulaire

Earth, Water, Fire and Air by Walter Kraul

Fairy Boat by Tracy Kane

Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane

Feltcraft: Making Dolls, Gifts and Toys by Petra Berger

Festivals, Family, and Food, Guide to Seasonal Celebration

Flicka, Ricka, Dicka Book Series by Maj Lindman

Flower Heaven by Else Wenz-Viëtor

Flowers Are Forever Board Game

Forest Bright Forest Night by Jennifer Ward

Heaven on Earth: A Handbook for Parents of Young Children by Sharifa Oppenheimer

Homegrown CD by Lisa Phenix

How to Host a Flower Fairy Tea Party by Cicely Mary Barker

Jonathan's Journey by Elizabeth L. Lombardi

King Beetle-Tamer and Other Lighthearted Wonder Tales by Isabel Wyatt

Knit a Fantasy Story by Jan Messent

Knitted Animals by Anne-Dorthe Grigaff

Knitted Fairies by Fiona McDonald

Knitting for Children A Second Book By Bonnie Gosse and Jill Allerton

Little Fairy's Meadow Party by Daniela Drescher

Magic Wool Fruit Children by Christine Schäfer

Magical Window Stars by Frédérique Guéret

Making Fairy Tale Scenes by Sybille Adolphi

Making Peg Dolls by Margaret Bloom

Making Soft Toys by Karin Neuschutz

Mia's Apple Tree by Nancy Jewel Poer

My Angel, My Friend by Ruth Magan

My Favorite Felt Sweets 106 Mouth-Watering Felt Replicas

Over in the Forest by Marianne Berkes

Puppet Theatre by Maija Baric

Rose Windows and How to Make Them by Helga MeyerBroeker

Self-Working Coin Magic: 92 Foolproof Tricks by Karl Fulves

Snipp, Snapp, Snurr Book Series by Maj Lindman

Snowmen at Christmas by Caralyn Buehner Board Book

Snowmen at Night Board Book by Carolyn Buehner

Spindrift:A Collection of Poems, Songs and Stories for Young Children

Sticks Across the Chimney by Nora Burglon

Storytelling with Children Nancy Mellon

Summer: A Collection of Poems, Songs, and Stories for Young Children

Tales from African Dreamtime Retold by Magdalene Sacranie

The American Boy's Handy Book, D. C. Beard

The American Girl's Handy Book, Lina Beard and Adelia B. Beard

The Boy Apprenticed to an Enchanter by Padraic Colum

The Bremen Town Musicians by The Brothers Grimm

The Children's Party Book by Anne and Peter Thomas

The Children's Year by Stephanie Cooper et al.

The Community Cooks by Susanne Bennett

The Festival of Stones
by Reg Down

The Gnome Craft Book: 2nd Edition by Thomas and Petra Berger

The Nature Corner by M. V. Leeuwen, J. Moeskops - Used Copy

The Nine Lives of Pinrut the Turnip Boy by Reg Down

The Seven Saws of Speedy Weedy and Mosey Dawdle by Reg Down

The Story of the Root Children Mini by Sibylle Von Olfers

The Story of the Wind Children by Sibylle von Olfers

The Sun Seed by Jan Schubert

The Tomtes of Hilltop Wood by Brenda Tyler

The Waldorf Book of Animal Poetry Edited by David Kennedy

The Waldorf Book of Soups Collected by Marsha Post

The Waldorf Kindergarten Snack Book by Lisa Hildreth

Understanding Children's Drawings: Tracing the Path of Incarnation by Michaela Strauss

Winter: A Collection of Poems, Songs and Stories for Young Children

Winter by Gerda Muller

2 Felt Breakfast Sets

21" Silk Trio

3" Beeswax Candle Pillar

4 Eggs in Carton

4" x 6" Sun Art Set

A Beautiful Place; a Co-operative Ecology Game

Acorn Caps

Adult and Baby Giraffe

Adult Tiger and Tiger Cub

Amber Bracelet

Angel Coins - Set of Three

Angel Silhouette Hanging

Animals Scene Advent Card

Art Eraser

Asian Twisty Family

Baby Pilot Cap

Baby Short Sleeve Wool Shirt

Baby Wool Long John Bottoms

Baby Wool Long Sleeve Shirt

Baby's Felt Barrette

Bathtub Boat

Beaded Swirl Bracelet

Bear and 3 Cubs Puzzle

Beeswax Hex Blocks - Set of 2

Birthday Ring Flower Vase

Birthday Ring Summertime Decorations

Blue Toddler Pickup Truck with Rainbow Pieces

Branch Fences - Set of 4

Brown Doll House Doll

Brown Twisty Family

Bug Bingo Fundana

Bull, Cow, and Calf

Castle Growth Chart

Caterpillar Threading Beads by Haba

Caucasian Doll Family

Caucasian Doll House Dolls

Child Wool Long John Bottoms

Children of the Forest Cutlery Set

Child's and Crafter's Scissors

Child's Chef Hat

Child's Dream Pillow

Child's Holiday Apron

Child's Long Sleeve Wool Shirt

Child's Short Sleeve Wool Shirt

Choroi Tone BLOCKs for Pentatonic Flute - Set of 2

Classic Blocks and Pull Wagon

Clown Hat

Colored Clothes Pins

Colorful Doll House Stacker

Colorful Pencil Sharpeners

Colorful Wood Castle Stacking Set

Crackers in Box

Cute Flash Cards on Ring

Daddy Lion and Lion Cub

Decorate Your Own Super Ferby Set

Deer Family Figures

Doll's Play Outfit

Doll's School Outfit

Doll's Silk Cape or Skirt

Dolphin Silk Hanging

Drop Spindle Kit

Drum on a Stick with a Beater

Earthtone Silks

Elephant Messenger Bag - Child Sized

Ewe and Ram Figures

Felt Bird Mobile

Felt Birthday Crown

Felt Block Crayon Case - Blue

Felt Cheese Set

Felt Chicken with Chick

Felt Farfalle Noodles

Felt Ferby Pencil Case - Red

Felt Fox

Felt Mouse

Felt Owl

Felt Pencil Case - Burgandy

Felt Rooster and Hen

Felt Snowman with Red Star

Felt Stick Crayon Case - Green

Felt Tagliatelle Noodles

Filana Organic Beeswax Crayons

Finger Knitting Yarn - 3 balls

Fir Tree Puzzle

Fire Stacker

Foldable Gnome House

Fountain or Ball Point Pen Ink Cartridges - Set of 10

Fruit Tree Puzzle

GeoMobile Kit

Giraffe Hand Puppet

Gnome Dishcloth

Growing Like A Sunflower Growth Chart

Horse and Cart

Horse Bingo

Horse Finger Puppet

Human Body Bingo

Individual Farm Animal Figure

Interconnecting Rainbow Balls and Sticks

ITSPHUN Large Ball Puzzle

Jacob's Ladder

Juggling Sticks

Kite Paper

Knit Some, Felt Too Snake Purse Kit

Know Your Knots Fundana

Kristen's Fairy House DVD

Ladybug and Balls Felt Hanging with Bell

Ladybug Two-Handled Rattle

Large Heart Snowflake Ornament

Large Snowflake Ornament

Light Twisty Family

Lion Hand Puppet

Little Chest of Mini Sea Shells

Little Grey Felt Donkey

Little Pick Up Truck

Little Rainbow Rolling Rattle

Little Transporter

Little Wood Pot with Lid

Main Lesson Book

Make Your Own Family

Mama Pig and Piglet

Mercurius Blackboard Chalk

Middle School Main Lesson Book

Mooing Cow

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Goat

Natural Face Paint Making Kit

Natural Moisturizer Cream Making Kit

Natural Wood Castle Stacking Set

Nature Bingo

Necklace of Many Colors

New England Bingo

Owl Diary

Owl Magnetic Bookmarks/Clips

Pajamas & Sleep Sack for Precious Doll

Peg Postcard Holder

Pine Helicopter

Pineapple in Tin

Pink Folding Rain Jacket

Pink Pig Messenger Bag - Child Sized

Plan Toys Play Dough Tool Set

Play Cutlery

Pony Needle Felting Kit

Princess Silk Cape and Crown

Puddle Boots

Puddle Coat

Puddle Hat

Rainbow Birthday Candles

Rainbow Comet Toss

Rainbow Felt Bracelet

Rainbow String for String Games


Recycling Truck made from Recycled Plastic

Reversible Silk Crown

Road Construction Vehicles (Crane)

Rolling Pin with Red Handle

Rose Beeswax Candle

Rubber Stamps in a Wood Box - Numbers

Rubberband Bath Boat

Rubberband Race Car

Screaming Monkey

Screaming Monkey - Second

Set of 32 Oil Pastels - Eeboo

Shwings for your shoes!

Silk Veil

Silk Wand

Sleepy Sheepy

Soft Silk Sword

Star Child Hanging

Star Silk DressUp Veil

Sterling Silver Angel of Peace Necklace

Stockmar 24 Crayon Set in Wood Box

Stockmar Modelling Beeswax - Set of 15

Stockmar Paint Brush

Stockmar Water Color Paints - Set of 6

Stone Chip Garnet Necklace Set

String Art Journal Kit

Three Forest Animal Ornaments Set

Three Jungle Ornament Set

Three Origami Stars Kit

Three Owls in a Tree Silk Hanging

Toddler Make Your Own Family Set

Toddler Pickup Truck

Toy Camera

Tracing Paper - 100 pieces

Travel Checkers with Woven Rug

Treasure Pumpkin Wet Felting Kit

Unbleached Baking Cups

Utensil Set

Vegetables and Fruit Set - 6 Pieces

Wizard Hat

Wood Blocks and Marbles Set - 21 pieces

Wood Bowl and Spoon Set

Wood Craft Ring

Wood Doll Stroller - USA

Wood Horse Pair

Wood Napkin Ring - Set of 100

Wood Rolling Pin

Wood School Bus

Wool Balaclava

Wool Batting/Stuffing

Wool Roving - 12 Long Colors

Wool Sleeveless Undershirt


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