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Customer Comments

 Just a sampling of some of the emails we receive, in reverse chronological order:

"Thank you so much for the fast delivery!! Really cannot imagine I can receive my stuff in 3 days, especially before Christmas time, plus we live in NYC, the other coast!! The toys I received are fabulous!! This is my first time ordering toys here, will definitely come back very often!! Thank you!! Karen A. NYC 12/11/2014"
"Thank you so much for the very fast turn around! You have the best customer services around. I am a dedicated customer! Thank you. Jasmi, Piedmont, CA 12/10/14"
"Hello Sonya - Thank you for your prompt reply.  I always appreciate your customer service.  It is the best around!  I look forward to receiving the order and we love your products so thanks for being in business.  Happy Holidays to you and your family. Best regards, Kristiana P. San Mateo, CA 12/16/2013" 

"Thank you so very much!!!!!!!! I teach at a tiny private school which is more like a coop and end up spending a lot of my own money on materials. The candles are the perfect gift for my first graders to make for their families. Your services and wonderful wholesome projects are greatly appreciated!!!!!! Wishing you abundance and light, April V., Lewisburg, West VIrginia 12/11/2013"

"Thank you so much Sonya! It's always such a nice experience to order from you! I've never had such a easy time trusting someone's opinion for what will work for us and what won't! And you get things out so quickly! I love it!
Appreciation from Texas! Caroline", Dallas, Texas 12/4/2013
BTW- Yours is the best natural children's toy store I've found online...and I've been to them all ;> Nicholle, Truckee, CA 11/12/2013"

"Thanks Sonya!!  You are always soo quick and thorough!!!!  What a wonderful website!  I love coming back to it again and again!  My kids love all your things and I get a lot of stuff from you as presents for them and their classmates!  Keep up the fantastic work you do!!! Elizabeth H. Miami Springs, FL 9/2/2012"
"Thank you so much Sonya. I received the rainpants so quickly. Your service is always amazing. The other day I was lamenting the quality of rainpants and wondering where to get some. Another mom said A Toy Garden and I had forgotten you had them. As soon as she reminded me I knew that's where I would get them. How nice in this day and age to be able to feel such excitement, comfort , and trust in a company look forward to ordering from you knowing my purchase will be of quality and your service a pleasure. Thank you! Ann R. SF, CA 3/21/2012"

 "The items I received were fantastic!  Thank you for the fast shipping.  I'm hoping my mother-in-law will be visiting my wish list for great toys on your site for Christmas this year! Jill P. Mountain View, CA 11/4/2011"

"Sonya, Thank you so much for such fast shipping! You have been my favorite online shopping experience this holiday season, and I will definitely be ordering again soon! Wonderful customer service, and I am just in love with the little lavender cuddle baby.  I know my almost 1 year old is going to love it as well!  Thank you for making such wonderful toys available for those who want something special, and not mainstream.  It is such a refreshing feeling to not have to throw away a mountain of packaging either, and knowing that the toys are made with love, and care just makes the buying experience even more special.  Thank you again, and Happy Holidays to you, and your family. Julie Moser in WA 12/20/2010" 

"Sonya, you really are amazing!  customer service that can't be beat- that's what i tell everyone.  especially our relatives!  i can't believe you shipped already and i just ordered today.  thanks for all you do to supply our kids with gorgeous hand crafted toys. happy weekend, rae, Asheville, NC 1/30/09"

"Dear Sonya-I just wanted to communicate with you how blown away I was with my shopping experience on your website! I needed to get a package by a certain date and not only did you deliver but it was less expensive than I anticipated. As a mom on a tight budget I just wanted to thank you for your efforts. I was thrilled to get my package - it meant not dragging the kids into the car, etc etc. Your store is great - thank you.  Thanks so much - I look forward to shopping with you again soon. xxLibby B. Mill Valley, CA 10/2/08"

"Hi Sonya, Meant to drop you a note sooner and tell you how happy I was with your product and with your customer service.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Regards, Sally S, Livermore, CA, 04/04/08"

"Dear Sonya - you have sooo many rave reviews, and I am compelled to add mine!! I spent a lot of time researching creative imagination-based play toy sites for my 1 year old daughter. With her birthday and Christmas happening very close together I knew we were going to be receiving gifts from all the new grandparents, aunts, cousins, etc...and I was dreading the plastic bleepy onslaught that was sure to arrive - unless I offered an alternative. Discovering your site was so delicious, and your selection very far surpassed the many sites I had browsed. Using your gift registry was the perfect easy solution for family members. But most perfect is the exquisite soul-ful, colorful, natural play area my daughter now has - filled with silks, and wooden blocks and stackers of all shapes sizes and colors, and the lovely branch cart, and on and on. Nothing to stick a battery in and hear incessant digital noises...Your collection is MARVELOUS, and as so many of your other customers wrote - you have another 'Customer for Life'. We look forward to growing with your store! And PS: I so appreciate your customer satisfaction policy and the ease I had in returning those items I wanted to return. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for contributing to the well-being of all the children lucky enough to have families who find and love your store! With high regards, Maia C., Brooklyn NY 2/10/08"

Dear Sonya, I was so impressed with your speedy delivery and personalized thank you with the ladybug. I can't wait for my daughters to open their Christmas presents and to see all the wonderful fairy treasures from your site. I am looking forward to the next gift giving time so I can order again! Thank you very much, Rachel S. to Delilah Sky and Violet Blue, ages 9 and 6, Brooklyn, NY 12/17/07

I am hooked! I love your store. My first order just arrived today and I couldn't be more impressed. Thank you for providing unique, safe, high quality toys for us parents to choose for our children. Now all I have to do is wait until Christmas for my girls to open and enjoy their gifts. I will be a repeat customer! Thank you so much! Kim from Nevada 11/20/07

Sonya, I love your store! It is such a welcome respite from mainstream toy stores. It feels so good to stimulate my children's creativity without blinking lights, loud artificial noises and batteries. I have had so much FUN compiling a Christmas list for my children and my heart and mind are at peace with the choices I have made.. With Kindest Regards, Stephanie A, NH 10/14/07

Thank you for such wonderful products... I have made multiple purchases in the last two weeks and have been nothing but overjoyed! Your personal touch is really what makes the difference-and customer service is rare in todays world. Thank you for taking the time to care! I will be using your store exclusively this holiday season as a grand escape from the plastic toys that are overwhelming our children and our landfills. Thanks again, Amber B. Columbia Heights, MN 10/4/07

Sonya,  Please accept my accolades for you and your business.  My husband and I were absolutely blown away with how quickly we got your package (2 days!)!  I can't tell you how enamored I am of your store and the products you offer.  Between the natural materials, top notch craftsmanship, and the inducement of imagination and creativity, all I can say is, your toys rank number one!  The fact that your friendly service even outshines your amazing toys puts your whole store package in another dimension.  We will be shopping with you exclusively for as long as you are in business.  Cheers to your undying success! Jess L. Coeur D'alene, ID 9/20/07

Hi Sonya, I just wanted to let you know my order was safely received today.  I am overjoyed with these items!  They far exceeded by expectations.  With ALL the toy recalls from China, I felt there had to be wonderful toys made somewhere here in the United States.  There, on the QVC Forum, your website was posted by "Simplycottage".  I immediately went to it and found exactly what I had been looking for.  I will enjoy giving these beautiful toys to my two year old grandson for Christmas, especially knowing they were safely made here.  I have also shared your website with my daughter and many friends. Thank you. Sincerely, Susan, Dumont, NY 9/15/07

i so enjoyed your
site, i went thru every category to make sure i didn't miss a single item.. PACE is a therapeutic preschool program for children with significant behavioural challenges, often our children have experienced trauma and violence; as much as we can afford to, we are purchasing toys and equipment that bring beauty, nature and creativity to our children and their space, your website has become my instant favourite and i'll be saving up for my own childrens birthday and christmas gifts, thank you! kate, Canada 8/17/07

We just LOVE your company and I tell absolutely everyone about it. I have some salivating Mommy friends who will be new customers any day now because they just love all the high quality toys we've gotten from you. Especially now with all the recalls from the popular plastic products, I've given your web address out more and more. Melissa, Sherman Oaks, CA 8/15/07

Thank you Sonya!  You really go above and beyond.  I want to let you know that I recommend you and A Toy Garden to everyone.  I was a Waldorf teacher before my children came along and now am a Waldorf parent and I come into contact with many, many different people interested in Waldorf.  I definitely let people know that you care about customers and their needs and you just proved it again.  I will go to your site and order the other things.  Again, you know how to run a business and take care of your customers.  Thanks for your hard work and your attention to details. Many thanks, Georgia K. Sacramento, CA 6/15/07

Thank you for your stellar service.  Any time one of my friends bemoans the lack of quality toys available locally, I gush about your site.  I truly hope you will enjoy a wonderful success in your business since it fills such a needed gap between mainstream toys and very expensive Waldorf-type toys. Jennifer S. Florida 6/9/07

Hi there, Just wanted to thank you for the great service. It feels like i JUST placed the order and it was at my doorstep. My 2 year-old daughter was thrilled when I pulled the playsilks out of the box - they are her first. Everything I ordered was as nice as expected and I appreciated that you packed them in an environmentally-friendly way. You run a good business and I will definitely be ordering again and telling my friends about you! Thanks, Rachel J. Santa Monica, CA 5/29/07

Hi,  I got our toys already - that was SO quick!  I am blown away by the quality of these toys - they are so beautiful!  My kids will love it all.  I'm very excited that I stumbled upon your website. Genevieve, Ross, CA 5/13/07

Hi Sonya- I could not wait to receive my order and I love the fact that you shipped priority. We are so happy with our purchase. We have so many wonderful toys that will engage our daughter's imagination and offer a wonderful foundation for learning and fun. I was intending on putting all these gifts away for my daughters 3rd birthday, which is next month. Well, I could not wait to give them to her. Thank you for for offering a great variety of toys and handcrafted items, at great prices!!! We really love the fairy trinket set, the stacking rainbow (your recommendation), and the handcrafted fairy necklace. I really appreciate your personal touch. Thank you, Christine & Chad M., Bristol, CT 3/7/07

Hi Sonya, Can I tell you how much we all love the wonderful toys I bought for my son's stocking?!?  The bird whistle, wonderful bean bags, play silk, and people mover are instant favorites and we are so happy to have such nice quality, handmade toys. Kathleen S. SF, CA 1/2/07

Sonya, Thank you so much for the quick delivery. I ordered only a few days ago and the precious little toys just arrived. I will definitely recommend your site to friends and family... and I will shop here in the future. I love the personal touch. Thank you, Julie S. WA 10/20/06

Dear Sonya, I have never written fan-mail before in my life, but I had to tell you how much I love your store and what a great experience buying from you is. You have put so much thought and love into choosing these amazing toys! It makes my job so much easier because I know that if I buy something from you, it will be of the best quality and my children will LOVE it. One of my favorite things to do when I'm "vegging" is to browse your site and put things onto my Wishlist. You have been a part of every birthday, Christmas, Easter and special occasion in our family. Thank You! Now if you will excuse me, I have to get back to browsing. April T. Vermont, 7/12/06

Thank you again, so much. The way you run your business is truly wonderful. I have never dealth with anyone -- especially not online stores! -- who added such a personal touch and so much love, care, and attention to their work. If I ever inherit a bunch of money from a long lost rich auntie, I am going to buy everything you sell! Grace S, Denver, CO 7/10/06

Dear Sonya, You can't imagine how pleased I was to just hear from my daughter in Portland, OR that the birthday package had arrived for my little grandaughter, Haley, with each item wrapped so lovely! I surely appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness in wrapping these items. It's gestures such as this that make companies, such as yours, stand out above the rest! Again, Many thanks! Ann Fay L., Vineyard Haven, MA 6/28/06

Hi Sonya! I received our package today! Thank you very much for your careful packing! The silks are beautiful! I love the winter set and might get it very soon for my kids! The new items to us are the stockmar crayons and blocks! I LOVE them, particulary the blocks! I think they will be perfect for my 18 month old and 3 year old! The Gel Gems are great! Cannot wait for my 3 year old to play with them! Overall, I wanted to say THANK YOU for your great product selection! A very happy customer, Catherine, Napa, 6/1/06

Dear Sonya, I think from now, anything short of tires for my car, I’ll check with your website first!  (I can almost see the next email from you saying “By the way, I do carry a wonderful natural tire made of…”  J ha ha), Emma S. San Diego, CA 3/22/06 (this email came when Emma was looking for woolen undergarments to keep her children warm - and of course, she found the best selection and prices at A Toy Garden)

Dear Sonya, It seemed that for about two years we were being pulled toward a simpler way of living and lifestyle. It was as though my soul was directing us and I wound up at places like your web site because I (we) felt so starved for good, pure materials and influences. It is very difficult to provide this in the barrage of media and materialism that one faces every day right outside our door. It has been a source of comfort finding places like A Toy Garden to come to for special occasions, inspiration, etc. It renewed my hope and belief that there are people and places who value simple things from the earth, the power of the imagination, and freedom to become what the soul knows it wants to be...All the best, Courtney, Akron, OH 3/7/06

I just wanted to let you know how much my children LOVE the gifts they received from your on-line store... The silks and Herbal Play beanbags most of all and I love them as well (found myself lying on the couch with a bean bag over each eye this week!)  Everything you sent was lovely and speaks to all the five senses (yes, even taste apparently as my 20 month old sometimes walks around with the edge of a silk in his mouth, growling).  Your packaging is a real treat and you have gained a very satisfied customer! Thanks so much, Chandra F. from Minneapolis 1/12/06 

Sonya, I never email sites that I order from, even when I'm pretty happy with the items. But I just had to send you a note as I am beyond thrilled with my order! I literaly gasped with glee when I opened the box. I LOVE everything and can't wait until Xmas to give them to my son. The school bus is gorgeous. The felted fruit is simply precious, the pots and pans are adorable! The pictures don't do them justice! The ordering was painless and the shipping was fast. I plan on raving about your site to everyone that will listen and you have made a loyal customer out of me. My son's birthday is in March and I'm already putting stuff on my wish list! Thanks so much and keep up the good work. You've got a great eye for great stuff! Amanda E., Brownstown, MI, 12/12/05

I like the changes on the site! It is easier to navigate...you have a real eye for the uniquely individual items that make one sigh and say "OHHHH, must have THAT!" Opening a box from you is a present all in and of itself: so much fun to carefully open each delicately colored, tissue-wrapped object, wondering for a moment whatever could it be....For those of us who never outgrow our childlike delight and wonder, your site is a treasure! Pamela, HI 11/29/05

Hi Sonya, Thank you so much.  I just love your store.  It was my first stop online for Christmas shopping. :o) Tina A. Bedford, NH, 11/22/05

Sonya, Why have I ever ordered anywhere else? My daughters still play constantly with the silks I bought several years ago, I told my husband this is where I am shopping from now on! Where else can I get this outstanding service? Thank you, Ellen,Houston, TX, 11/13/05

Hi Sonya, Thanks and I'm glad I found you too! And, thank you for the great customer service.  I think my 19 month old son will love the bean bags.  I look forward to eventually more shopping on your site.  You have a wonderful assortment of treasures.

I found you from Mothering MagazineThe Bean Bags were listed as one of the Best New Natural Toys of 2005 in their Nov./Dec. issue.  Congratulations!
I also listed your site link on a Yahoo message board for the API chapter I co lead in NH.  Maybe it will send some more customers your way.
Thanks again and happy holiday season.
Jamie=) Deering, NH 11/13/05
Hi, Sonya! May I just say I LOVE LOVE LOVE your store :) It's my favorite place to browse and there's nothing in your store I wouldn't want my Little Princesses to have. We love the Harvest Twins we recently ordered :) Much better than candy! Looking forward to the Holiday ones! Jamie R." Mooresville, NC 11/11/05 Email sent to another customer who referred this customer to A Toy Garden: "Thank you for telling me about A Toy Garden.  That company is a Waldorf grandmother’s dream!  I got gifts and stocking stuffers for Caelum and Terra in addition to the book for you.  As a thank-you for my order, they included a free play silk in a lovely shade of blue.  Their service was astonishing.  I placed the order on Tuesday; they shipped the order on Tuesday; I received the package on Thursday.  Each item was neatly wrapped in tissue paper. Sue, Palo Alto, CA 11/11/05

I just wanted to write to tell you how happy I am that I luckily came across your web site while surfing the net. I recently ordered a few items and was thrilled with them as well as their quality. Today I revisited your site and bought numerous Christmas gifts for our kids. Your site is so unique - I LOVE IT!!! Thank you! Kristin M. Drexel Hill, PA 11/10/05

Sonya - I received my package yesterday....all I can say is wow....the items are so adorable, you packed everything beautifully and I received them so quickly. I will definitely be placing more orders with you and telling my family and friends about your site....I can't wait to see my niece's eyes when she opens her packages this weekend.....thank you so much....colleen from new jersey, 11/2/05
Thanks so much for your great items, and wonderful customer service.  Yours is always the first site we check when shopping for toys. Tammy W. Colorado, 10/24/05
Sonya, Just received the priority mail package today and I want to thank you for continuing to impress me (and make my life easier) by your always above-and-beyond the norm customer service. Thanks so very much for the wonderful products you carry...and more importantly the wonderful service you provide. Gratefully, Shannon A. Waukesha, WI 10/13/05
Hi Sonya, Thank you for the wonderful silks and clips that came in the mail yesterday. I will recommend your site to clients - great selection, prices, and fast shipping! ...Thanks for making hard-to-find items available! Gentle Regards, Christy, Oroville, WA 9/11/05
I received my order today. I'm EXTREMELY happy about the fast service, love the quality of the items I ordered, and I very much look forward to buying with you again very soon. Brigetta, Richardson, TX 7/05
"Hello Sonya, I just wanted to let you know that I got the treehouse and all the other items I ordered...today and they are fantastic!  I can't believe the quality.... everything is so nicely built. I am VERY happy! Thanks again for your help and terrific shopping experience!  I'll be back again! Sincerely, Kira," Tracy, CA 7/05
"Dear Sonya, I've been meaning to send you a thank you for the past few weeks. The blue silk you sent with our last order is lovely. My six year old daughter hasn't stopped wearing it yet! I always think I have enough silks and then something like this catches my eye. You have the best quality products I've found anywhere within the "waldorf" internet sites. Warmly, Amy," Ripon, CA 7/05

"We received the order today, and my son is in love with the playsilks!" Megin, Cambridge, MA

"I received my shipment today and everything is absolutely adorable. I'm so glad I found your website and located the perfect little gifts for my daughter. I'm looking forward to the next time I have an occasion to shop at your online store. It is really the best website I've seen for Waldorf toys." Margaret, Austin, Texas

"Thank you so much. Our 1st grade teacher was thrilled with the gift (of silks). I will definately spread the word about you. Your silks are as beautiful as the more expensive ones and we loved the range of colors..." Michelle, Marin, CA

"The package arrived to provide us with good cheer toward healing and wellness, and my, so beautiful, sensitively wrapped and all. I wish you could have seen the intrigue and grace on the children's faces!!! Puppet Lamby has been the greatest joy...and the blanket you made is so golden and a genuine blessing for my son." Rain, South Africa