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About Us

When my daughter was 2, she asked me to sew an apron for her just like mine! Then she wanted a tablecloth & cloth napkins, then beans bags, & a puppet theater. I started sewing for her, her friends, and then started selling to families around Northern California. My husband is key in supporting the technical/computer (and moving heavy boxes) side of the business. A few other wonderful Elves (especially Betsy) help us out, I couldn't do it without them!

I offer an extensive selection of mostly hand-made toys made by me, friends in Northern California, around the United States, and around the world. Whenever possible, I purchase directly from the artisans. In general, these toys are made from wood, cotton, wool, silk, and other natural and high-quality materials and are open-ended, leaving lots of room for the child to develop and use his/her own imagination and imitation skills. A few items are just plain fun and I couldn't resist offering them to you. I also buy from a few larger manufacturers that have strong ethical and safety policies whether manufacturing in Germany, USA, Thailand, Canada, China, or elsewhere.

I hope you will enjoy the ease of shopping from home! I always welcome your questions, suggestions and leads on new products, feedback, testimonials, special orders/inquiries, and thoughts!  

Happy Playing, Sonya