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Silk Wings

Silk Wings

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You now have two choices with our Silk Wings!  Choose either a gently painted set of rainbow silk wings with a blue ribbon or a beautiful blue set of wings with a deep purple ribbon.  Each will help any child fly, fly away!  The wide ribbon enhances the wing shape and is shaped into a loop for the child to hold in each hand. One size, fits most children.  The wings are 39" from the hand to the bottom tip.  Hand wash in cold water, line dry, iron on medium heat.  Assembled in U.S.A. of Chinese Silk by Sarah's Silks.

Thanks to our customer, 4 year old, Catie in California, for spreading her wings and flying (and sharing her picture with us - see image below). Fly, fly, fly!

These silk wings are amazing!  They fit my very-small-for-her-age three year old, and I can see them fitting a much bigger child as well.  The silky ribbon crosses around the front and ties around the waist safely and securely.  There are ribbons on the ends for the child to hang on to.  Lucy had fun flapping her arms and running around to make the wings fly out behind her.  These are a must-have for any fairy, butterfly, or princess!  You can choose from the rainbow pattern shown, or a gorgeous blue color." 04/29/09 From Christy at onelittlewordsheknew.blogspot.com  (see picture of her daughter below in the images)

"Hi Sonya, I wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful array of items to brighten my sons' little worlds. I first discovered your site last fall, and I had a vision of giving my sons (2 and 4) each a pair of rainbow wings on the first warm, green spring day and watching their eyes light up as they soared and flapped and danced to their hearts' delight. Thank you so much for making it possible for that daydream to come true - as I tied the wings on my four-year-old on the first warm, breezy spring day, he looked at me with shining eyes and whispered "Mama, will they really make me fly?" Seeing my little boys run around shrieking with delight, with the sun on their hair and the silk streaming out behind them, was a moment of utter happiness; I felt like I was truly giving them roots and wings... I have looked at many Waldorf-type toy stores on the internet and yours is by far my favourite! Kathleen M. Ottawa, Ontario, 5/14/06"

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