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Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine

Price: $45.95

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This is a beautiful wood pretend play sewing machine that provides hours of creative fun, pretending to sew, imitating mom or dad at the sewing machine.  The large wooden needle goes up and down as the child winds the knob on the right round and round.  This is a great gift for girls and boys.   The base is 12" wide, 5 1/2" deep, 9" tall, and the Sewing Machine weighs over 2 pounds.  No two are exactly alike because our aristan uses different woods each time.  Sewing Machine is made of solid wood with a food-grade canola oil rubbed in.  Often, "found" or "recycled" wood is used to make parts of the sewing machine. Sometimes there is "spalting" which is a greying color in the wood, or there are sometime worm holes in the wood. The worms are long gone but there maybe be some little holes in the wood that does not affect the function of the sewing machine. Handmade in the USA.

4/1/2013 The batch our crafter just delivered is beautiful! No spalting, no wormholes. Just various beautiful shades of wood.

Featured in Living Crafts Magazine, December 2007 as a fabulous "Sewing Toy"!

"The wooden toy sewing machine arrived today.  It was in perfect condition.  Thank you for taking the time to hand pick the toy.  The wood tones and markings are beautiful.  The wheel and needle work very nicely together.  My two year old granddaughter will be back with me on Tuesday after spring break.  I know she is going to love "sewing" with grandma.  This little wooden sewing machine will give her a neat sewing experience she craves and the safety I wanted. Thanks again for helping me with this project. Kay H. Kettering, Ohio 4/1/2013"

"Sonya, ...I am super excited to give this to my two year old as her next birthday gift in November.  I sew a lot and she really wants to 'help' me. Thank you again so much for your help.  I will send you a photo of this in action.  It will also be passed down to my 10 month old when she is old enough it will see great use! Thank you for everything! Krista H." Lebanon, NJ 8/11/08

"Hi Sonya, I purchased one of the wooden sewing machines this past MAy. It is a holiday gift, and it has been hard to keep it hidden. I meant to write sooner, but wanted to say thank you for carrying such wonderful toys and gifts. The sewing machine is beautiful, and it is going to be loved.  It will definitely be one of those saved toys to pass down someday. It is great to have found a wonderful store to buy from from! Thanks you! Namaste, Jamie H. Deering, NH 10/18/08"

 "Thanks Sonya for getting the little wooden sewing machine here so quickly, "Wow"! is what my son said when we opened it!!! It's really beautiful - love the different woods and the mechanics of it: like a tribal weaving instrument! Have a great Holiday season, Cecily, Napa, CA 11/10/2010"

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