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<u>This Is The Way We Wash A Day</u> by Mary Thienes-Schunemann

This Is The Way We Wash A Day by Mary Thienes-Schunemann

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This is The Way We Wash a Day is a wonderful collection of songs to sing while we go about our daily activities with young children. In olden times, singing was a part of daily life. No matter what activity or work was being done, it was always accompanied by singing. Work songs are among the oldest forms of folklore. The activity of "singing while you work" was discovered when peole found that singing, rhythm, and unity of action helped improve a task's swiftness and efficiency. Includes several articles on Work and Singing and a Conversation with Pete Seeger. CD and illustrated Songbook with words and guitar chords.  Made in the USA.

The 59 Songs are organized into the following Chapters: Traditional Work Songs (Examples: She'll be Comin' 'Round the Mountain, Erie Canal, 'Round the Mulberry Bush); Household Songs (Examples: Dusty the Gnome, Washin' Woolies; Let's Tidy Up!); In The Garden (Examples: Growing Song; It's Fun to Dig Potatoes; Little Red Wagon; Fairies of Water, Fire, Air and Earth); In The Kitchen (Examples: Vegetable Soup, Sweet Potato Pie, Muffin Man); Taking Care of Yourself (Examples: Warm Hands, Warm, Brush Your Teeth, You Wake up in the Morning, Golden Starlight); Activity Songs (A Painting Song, Folding Song, The Thread Follows the Needle); Special Times (Good Morning Glory!, Pease Blessing, Tessa's Lullaby, Lovely Sunshine).

"Oh Happy Day! When I first received my order and the invioce indicated that the 'This is the Way We Wash-a-Day' songbook and cd were on back order I was so sad. Most places cancel anything on back order anymore so I thought I would have to reorder it. I was about to contact you to find out more about it's soonest availablity and presto! like magic it was in my mailbox today! Our family is just begining to learn about the wonders of Waldorf and this was one of items I have looked most forward to receiving. Thanks so much. We will be back for more. Sincerely, Anita W. 3/29/07"

"...As Arielle knows, princesses always sing while they work. Work songs are the traditional way of making chores move along, and this collection has both traditional work (folk) songs and songs by the author that are specific to different tasks. There is a sweeping song called "Sweeping Song" and a dusting song and even a song that's perfect for washing wooly diaper covers. It's helped make chore time into more of a fun time. A fun time AND a learning time.

Arielle has such long hair and Linnea's is thick and curly. Brushing and detangling it in the morning is a chore. It used to involve a lot of screaming and not a lot of cooperation. Then I started singing "Little mouse nests in your hair, Tangled mouse nests everywhere, Little mousies making mischief! Brushing your nests out hurts! Ouch!" They laughed. Now they line up to have their mouse nests removed each morning.

The tooth brushing song was not as successful. It's hard to brush and sing.

Yesterday, Linnea was brushing her stuffed doggies hair and singing in toddlerese "Little mouse nests in the hair, tangles get you out! Brush! Brush!" Very cute.

And lately, she's been making up her own songs for all sorts of activities. I really recommend this book.

Yes, it is easier to do the chores yourself. If you hand your child a little broom or a dusting cloth, it might take an extra five minutes. But that five minutes gives your child the feeling that she is really helping out. It helps her feel proud and grown-up and independent. Five minutes turns into a life time of not being afraid of a little work and maybe a bit of bonding time. In the end, five extra minutes is well worth it. Written by Sara of http://saras-toy-box.blogspot.com/.



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