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<u>Tapestries, Weaving Life's Journey</u> by Betty Staley

Tapestries, Weaving Life's Journey by Betty Staley

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NEW and UPDATED EDITION: HOT OFF THE PRESS: Tapestries uncovers the unique patterns you weave in life. At a time of immense interest in biography, here is a unique set of keys to understanding the pattern and rhythms of your life. The unfolding life phases are presented as the warp of personal growth. You are invited to consider the shuttle of threads you use as the weft of your life story. Some of these threads are your temperament, gender, love, family, nationality, birth order, and unfolding relationships.

A vivid picture of adult growth is presented. You can follow twenty very different people's stories through each life phase, wondering what will happen next. You can consider how you would respond to the choices faced by these individuals. Included in the book are directions for making your own life map. Life's dilemmas are explored, for example that of career versus parenting, and the choices for old age. This opens up options to consider, which roads to take in life, and the encouragement to reflect. 

Paperback, 337 pages.  

Betty Staley draws on her rich life experience as a teacher of history and literature at the Sacramento Waldorf School. Rudolf Steiners' profound work on biography is integrated with current psychological research and feminist writing. She offers poems and stories to bring Tapestries alive. to Between Form and Freedom-Being a Teenager, and Adolescents as Sacred Passage are classics in parent discussion groups.

Of course, she is also my wonderful mother!!!

This book makes a wonderful gift for parents, grandparents, teachers, and friends! Added Bonus: When you order a book from us you will received a copy signed by Betty Staley!


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