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<u>Between Form and Freedom, A Practical Guide to the Teenage Years</u> by Betty Staley

Between Form and Freedom, A Practical Guide to the Teenage Years by Betty Staley

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Between Form and Freedom has a wealth of helpful insights about teenagers, offering a wise look into the souls of children and adolscents.  Betty Staley invites you to explore the vibrant nature of adolescence - the search for the self, the birth of the intellect, the release of feeling, male-female differences and character.

Teenagers' growth needs are explored in relation to family, friends, the media, education, the arts and love.  Issues around stress, depression, eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse are tackled, clarifying the options.

Parents value this spiritual and practical guide to the teenage years. They find that it has really made a difference to their families. Since first publication in 1988, Between Form and Freedom has been reprinted many times and has been published in several languages.

Betty Staley has taught for over thirty years in Waldorf Schools and lectures at Rudolf Steiner College, Sacramento. 

8 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches. Softcover, 287 pages.


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