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Rainbow Silks

Rainbow Silks

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Our Rainbow Silks have all the wonderful colors of the rainbow in a softer colorway.  These soft and luxurious rainbow silks are fun for children and adults.  Use one to cover play stands, for dancing, playing, pretend play, as a blanket, as a tablecloth, cape, skirt, or just hang on the wall. 

The mini 11 inch rainbow is precious for wrapping small dolls and toys. The 34 inch size is great for dress up.  The two largest sizes are great for canopies, big peak-a-boo, decorating a play area, creating an arch to climb under "London Bridges Falling Down" etc., or for creating a magical walkway over the rainbow bridge for a birthday celebration. The 108" Rainbows are surged on the shorter ends. The longer salvage edges appear frayed but do not run - some people will really like this "feathered" look....All are extra-thick 8mm, China Habotai Silk. Hand-dyed in the USA. (Note: some silks sizes vary by an inch or so).

Please Note:  We have a few 21" x 21" silks that have a unique rainbow.  It goes from purple to blue to green to pink.  There might be a wee bit of a transition between green and pink, but it's quite small.  These are listed separately at the bottom of the options list.

"The rainbow silks have arrived. They are for my 16 month old granddaughter. I want to share with you how incredibly beautiful it is to watch her wrap herself in a silk scarf, all the while smiling with a deep contentment. We are blowing into them, play hide and seek and decorate ourselves. What a pleasure! Thank You. With my greetings, Inge, Canada, 8/10/05"

"The playsilks are, of course, a joy. And how can you get the website to express the amazing magic of the huge rainbow silk. We've tried photographing it too, but the magic has to be experienced! Thank you so much, Elisabeth R. Mexico 2/25/06"

"I'm looking forward to receiving the rainbow silk!! My 2 3/4 year old son absolutely loves the silks!! He has already been a prince, firefighter, superman and sailed a boat on a silk sea!! Oh, and of course, "mama" is having lots of fun being a queen!! Thanks again....May you have a bliss filled New Year!! Peacefully, Susan, Maryland 1/1/07"

"Dear Sonya, Our parcel of toys arrived...I felt like a child again myself as I opened each item! I was so excited to be giving my children these beautiful gifts! Today is Christmas Day, and now that all the presents have been opened, the children have settled down to play with, what else? but blocks, sea shells and a basket for carrying! My thirteen year old snatched up the huge rainbow silk and flung it in the air, then made waves for my two year old as he lay beneath it.  Then my big boy settled down on the couch with the silk wrapped around his shoulders as he checked out his fly fishing gear.  Truly toys for all ages, thank you! Kate, BC, Canada 12/30/07"

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