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Human Body Bingo

Human Body Bingo

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Body Bingo is filled with interesting facts about the body!  The "Feet" card says, "Feet are the part of the legs on which we stand.  They bear the body's weight and allow us to move.  There are 26 bones and 33 joints in one foot.  The instep is the arched part of the foot between the toes and ankle.  We keep our balance with our feet and toes."  Waldorf students frequently study anatomy in 7th grade, this game would be great for your middle school child!  Game comes with 6 boards, 42 cards and chips for marking spaces.  These bingo games have won three Parents' Choice awards, seven Dr. Toy awards, and three Creative Child Magazine awards.  Made in USA.

"At one point I asked Lucy if she had to go to the bathroom because she was dancing around and wiggling so much. She said no, she was just very excited about the (Bug Bingo) game and trying to see all of the pictures. The game is very simple to play, there are large printed bingo cards, bingo marker chips, and flash cards with the bug pictures and information. ......I really like that the cards have the information printed on the backs. I did read out loud a few sentences about a some of the bugs and we'll definitely read more of the information as Lucy gets more used to the game and is a bit older. For now I thought it was great that she was just learning the names of the bugs and by matching the pictures she was learning what each one looks like. There are even a few terms like "metamorphosis" included, which is fun." from Christy at www.onelittlewordsheknew.blogspot.com on 9/9/09

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