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Naturally Dyed Play Silk

Naturally Dyed Play Silk

Price: $20.00

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Our selection of home-naturally-dyed and hand-hemmed (8mm) 34"x35", 100% silk, Play Silks, is available in 8 beautiful colors of the rainbow:  blue (indigo), purple (indigo and cochineal), pink (cochineal), orange (madder root), yellow (osage), and green (indigo and osage).  These are all in a medium tone - neither pale nor bright.  Soothing colors on silks that are soft, durable, and the most open-ended toy in the world!  The silk cloth is produced in China.  It is then dyed with natural plant and/or mineral dyes, ironed, and packaged in the USA.  These silks are each sold individually for $20.00 each.

We offer beautiful naturally dyed silks at this price for those who value this method used for dying and the beautiful results!

Please Note:  In the dyeing process, sometimes the label on the silk interfered with the dyeing creating little squares on the silk.  This occurred on a few of the blue silks and on one or two other silks, not on every one.  Children will find a wonderful use for the pattern and design this created!

"Dear Sonya - thank you for taking care of this and for processing our order so quickly.  We appreciate the wonderful products you offer and thank you for being in business.  Best regards, Kristiana, San Mateo, CA 12/15/2011"

"Thank you so much!  I'm going to visit my family in San Diego and I know my kids will have so much fun with the silks.  We are just beginning to get away from TV and use our imaginations more.  It's amazing the difference I've seen in my kids without the TV! You will see mode orders from me soon.   :) Emily, Folsom, CA 9/17/2012"

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