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Child's Scissors

Child's Scissors

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Our Child's Scissors are a good quality sharp scissor made for a child who is 5 or older.  They are 5 1/2" long and you may choose either Right Handed or Left Handed for your child's use.  Right handed scissors have green handles, and Left handed scissors have one orange side and one green side.  This makes is easy to tell which you're picking up!  Made in Germany.

We also have a Craft Scissor with longer blades that have a more pointed end.  These are great when detailed cutting is needed - getting into smaller places or making sharp corners and pointed edges.  They are 6.75" long with the blades being about 3" long.

Please Note:  These are NOT dull scissors.  They are for a child who is at least 5 years old.  Please supervise your child while they are using scissors.