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Child's Bolga Basket - SECONDS

Child's Bolga Basket - SECONDS

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These Bolga Baskets are "Seconds" due having too many "pokeys" sticking out.  These are pieces of the reed used to create the baskets that have broken and make the basket a bit rougher than we like. Or there is just something about the basket that doesn't meet our high quality expectations. They are still strong and will hold your child's lunch, toys or craft items for many years.  You save $$ while your child gets a beautiful basket! Select color choices in the pull down menu. We'll do our best but can't guarantee the options at all times. If you have a favorite color, put it in the comment section at the end of the order. We always do our best to please!

These beautiful handmade baskets, which are called Bolga baskets, are made by artists in a small village in Northern Ghana called Bolgatanga. They have been made there for decades, providing a livelihood for many local families. Bolga baskets are made out of a natural grass known locally as Kinkanhe. Some of the grass is dyed with vibrant colors and is woven into intricate patterns to make the basket. The handles are wrapped in leather, making them comfortable for a child to carry. There are countless uses for these wonderful handmade baskets. Patterns vary, most are colorful displaying different geometric patterns. Fair Trade. Baskets are 6-9 inches across.  If you have a preference for size or color, please note it in the Comment Section when you check out (it's on the postage options page).  We will do our best.

These baskets are perfect for children to carry their lunches to kindergarden or grade school. With a cloth napkin tucked over the top, items rarely fall out.

Fair Trade in Africa (for making Bolga Baskets):

  • Use sustainable, local Kinkanhe straw in all of our baskets.
  • Families use 100% of the goats that provide leather for the baskets.
  • Practice Fair Trade principals. We strive to create environmentally conscious, community sustaining and economically advantaged conditions for all of our employees and partners.

"We absolutely love the Spring silk set and her basket and eggs. They are beautiful and Gracie loves them. It is nearly Halloween and she still plays with them." Jessica F., 10/27/09

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