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Herbal Play Bean Bags - <b>Fruit and Vegetable Fabrics</b>

Herbal Play Bean Bags - Fruit and Vegetable Fabrics

Price: $20.00

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Our new Set of 8 Beautiful Bean Bags with the Fruit and Vegetable Fabrics are home-made in a variety of quality cotton prints - each with a fruit or vegetable theme -  and are filled with beans and organic herbs (lavender, mint, or chamomile) for a multi-sensory effect. They sound, feel, look, and smell wonderful. These 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" bean bags can be played with, tossed, stacked, counted, matched, slept with, used as doll furniture, carried in wooden trucks, balanced on one's head, juggled, used as weights to hold silks over play stands, moved from basket to basket by busy little children. Made by Sonya. USA.

"The beanbags have gotten compliments from every Early Intervention therapist that's ever worked with the kids, and they probably see more play than any other toy in the house.  They get hauled around in dump trucks, thrown at targets, and the fruit and veggie ones often get used in their play kitchen.  Love them! Best, jessie 12/4/2012"

"Sonya... I have to thank you so much for getting both my orders to Canada in time for Christmas. Absolutely everything I ordered is top quality and superb!!! My favorite though hands down...were the scented bean bags with food designs. WOW are these incredible or what?? worth every penny...and guess what? My 5 yr old has played with them every day for 5 days straight...as has her 8 yr old brother AND my 10.5 month old. Who knew? He's a very busy baby who is walking like crazy..but it's amazing to watch him sit and try to 'throw' it to us as he copies us ;-)  In my mind I think... I should just make some, but there is no way I could compete with your quality let alone find the time LOL...the stitching, the fabric, the smell, the beans...just totally unique and incredibly top notch!!! We bought these for my dd little friend too for Christmas but we haven't seen her yet to give them to her. ;-( The 2nd and 3rd and 4th most popular toys were bought for the baby are being played with by EVERYONE!!!...that would be your Rainbow People Mover, the colourful stacker from Germany...and the rainbow ball.  Warm thoughts from Canada and Happy New Year! Wendy & the kids, Ontario, Canada 1/4/2010"

"Just received my first order today and am amazed at the beautiful quality of the bean bags and play silks. Can't wait to give them to my son tomorrow. I love how imaginative and creative the toys on your site are. I already told my Mom about my son's "wishlist". Can't wait to order more. I have a new favorite site. Thanks again!Hannah," Hammond, WI 12/3/07 

"Thank you for your terrific service! I am ordering another set of bean bags to replace the ones that my husband and I have taken from the children's playroom. Some went to work where they get juggled and tossed and all of the lavender ones ended up in my dresser full of sweaters! We love them." Amy, Pacific Palisades, CA 6/6/05

"Hi Sonya, I received the bean bags today and love them!  They are absolutely beautiful and smell amazing. I don't know if I a going to be able to wait for Christmas to give them to my son=)," Jamie H. Deering, NH 11/16/05

"Hi Sonya, We received the bean bags yesterday. My son (almost 2 yrs old) and I, spent a full hour playing with them. And this morning...he was excited to see them. I have admit, I had fun playing with them as well. And they smell amazing!!
We will be ordering more of them." Elena, Bellingham, WA 9/10/07

"The bean bags might have been the best invention yet for these children with sensory issues! They all loved the feel, the smell, the colors. They stacked them, sorted them, tossed them. They smiled, and laughed, and studied them in various ways for over an hour! I knew I'd have to start a mini-fund to order at least one more set if not two just for play group, and maybe another so the kids could each take one bean bag home with them! They were the hit of the day! D. Sutton"

"Hi Sonya, Just wanted to tell you how wonderful the beanbags and little silks are. They appeared this morning via St. Nicholas and are not only lovely to look at and smell they are also a huge hit. So simple and so perfect! blessings & thanks, Rose" 12/7/07

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