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Child's Bolga Baskets - SIMILAR SET

Child's Bolga Baskets - SIMILAR SET

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These beautiful handmade baskets, which are called Bolga baskets, are made by artists in a small village in Northern Ghana called Bolgatanga. They have been made there for decades, providing a livelihood for many local families. Bolga baskets are made out of a natural grass known locally as Kinkanhe. Some of the grass is dyed with vibrant colors and is woven into intricate patterns to make the basket. The handles are wrapped in leather, making them comfortable for a child to carry. There are countless uses for these wonderful handmade baskets. Patterns vary, most are colorful displaying different geometric patterns. Fair Trade. Baskets are 7-9 inches across.

These are Sets of 2 (or 3) Bolga Baskets that are very similar in color, design and size.  You will receive two (or three) baskets that are very similar.  Great to have a back up lunch basket or similar baskets for different children!

We are now listing the Child's Bolga Baskets by size, color and design type.  The Large baskets are 9" or more in diameter.  The Medium baskets are 7 1/2" - 9" in diameter.  The Small baskets are 6 1/2" - 7 1/2" in diameter.  Measurements are taken at the top rim.  All baskets have natural color in them, it will be listed as "N".  Baskets are either Checked ("C"), have Wide Horizontal Stripes("WHS"), Horizontal Pinstripes("HPS"), Vertical Stripes("VS"), or a Complex Pattern ("CP") which may be a combination of all of these plus more.  We will list up to 3 colors, if there are more, they will be called Multi with Pink or Multi without Pink.  Pick one that's right for your child!

These baskets are perfect for children to carry their lunches to kindergarden or grade school. With a cloth napkin tucked over the top, items rarely fall out.

Fair Trade in Africa (for making Bolga Baskets):

  • Use sustainable, local Kinkanhe straw in all of our baskets.
  • Families use 100% of the goats that provide leather for the baskets.
  • Practice Fair Trade principals. We strive to create environmentally conscious, community sustaining and economically advantaged conditions for all of our employees and partners.

"Sonya, Thank you so very much for your help making my daughter's first Easter and Birthday truly special. The bolga basket is beautiful, just perfect for her wooden "Easter" eggs. The little mushrooms are so cute too! We will be using the basket as our "nature table" and for picnics as well. I know we will get so much use out of it and I know I'll be ordering a few more! As always, it's a pleasure shopping with you and your personal help is so appreciated. I will return again and again for all the special occasions in my daughter's life! Tori, Conroe, Texas, 4/3/06"

"I ordered the round, Ghana-made basket for my daughter...and I got it in 2 DAYS!!!! I live in NC, all the way across the country from this wonderful store. I prepared myself for a week or so wait; at any rate, I could not be happier, and I really really appreciate it. I will be coming back. Best wishes to you! Leigh, Chapel Hill, NC 3/8/07"

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