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<u>Celebrate Green</u> by Colwell and Colwell

Celebrate Green by Colwell and Colwell

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Once upon a time, a mom and her daughter were talking. (Moms and daughters tend to do a lot of that.) Daughter Corey had come up with an idea. She wanted to make Halloween healthier and more Earth friendly, so she founded Green Halloween. Mother Lynn thought this was brilliant (and not just because Corey is her daughter, although that may have figured into it a tiny bit), but wondered, why stop there? Why not apply the same principles to every holiday and celebration?

The two decided to meld their passion for celebrations that are good for people and the Earth and find ways to spread the word. So, here's their book, filled with 232 pages of fabulous ideas. Corey and Lynn are wonderful people inspired to help our children and our planet - and they are loyal A Toy Garden customers - so let's support them and share their ideas with family and friends. Their book will make a great housewarming or teacher gift, too. 

Celebrate Green!
is a wake up call and it's a fun, engaging read, jam-packed with hints, how-to's and humor. Whether you're an old hand at thinking green or a total neophyte, Lynn and Corey will help you understand why your choices are so important and energize you, too. You'll discover simple steps to align your life with a healthy Earth, while deepening the meaning and the joy of your celebrations. -- Frances Moore Lappe, author of Diet for a Small Planet and Getting a Grip: Clarity, Creativity and Courage in a World Gone Mad

For years I thought there had to be something more to eco-friendly parties than newspaper gift wrapping and brown recycled napkins. Corey and Lynn found it and created a green gold mine full of stylish and creative ideas. 'Celebrate Green!' doesn't just give you a way to celebrate. It gives you a reason to celebrate. -- Hannah Keeley, author of Hannah Keeley's Total Mom Makeover: The Six-Week Plan to Completely Transform Your Home, Health, Family and Lifestyle

"Creating annual holiday traditions, while being respectful of our impact on the world, gives our children a gift that is worthy of being handed down for generations. Celebrate Green! is filled with creative eco-friendly ideas and resources you can use to celebrate holidays and make lasting memories with your family."
Alan Greene
, MD, FAAP, author Raising Baby Green and From First Kicks to First Steps, founder, DrGreene.com

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