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Silk Veil

Silk Veil

Price: $25.95

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This Silk Veil is a 36" by 105", 5mm silk hand dyed in the USA!  It is a great drape for a play area, a baby's crib, a child's bed.  So many uses!  Best for hanging like a canopy.  This silk is not as thick as our 8mm Play Silks and is, therefore, not able to withstand the same use.  USA.

Please Note:  We have two more colors!
Our Fire Silk will warm your children with its red and gold colorway.  The gold is on the outsides and the red is in the middle.

Our Earth, Water and Sun Silk has water blue, yellow and green in random circles.  This will be great for open-ended play - it could be the silk for a puppet play by the water, it could be butterfly wings, it could be the landscape for building a home on.  

Our Royal Silk is half gold and half shimmering silver. Perfect for the royal kingdom!

"The silks arrive with time to spare and they are Gorgeous.  Absolutely Gorgeous.  So far we, after one day, have spent much time on the River, with the Sun above.  Obvious and accessible, and beautiful.  Thank you and love the lady bug. Connor, Florida 7/17/08"

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