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Four Seasons' Silks

Four Seasons' Silks

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Here you may order just one or all four seasons' silk sets at once.  When you order all four sets, you will receive a bundle each of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Silks.  Perfect for the nature table and more!  Autumn Silks are shown above, see boxes below for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter colors.  Silks are woven and hand-hemmed in China, dyed, ironed and packaged in the USA. Low impact Jacquard silk dyes are used. The Winter Bright Red silks are pre-dyed in China. All of these silks are high quality 8 mm thick.

PLEASE NOTE:  As with all playsilks, sizes vary from silk to silk.  They are hand-hemmed, dyed in very hot water, ironed, and each of these processes can change the size of the silks.  They are not perfect squares.  We find that children do not notice and enjoy each as it is.

"I wanted to let you know (now years later) how much my children enjoy all of the play silks we purchased from your store. My girls are now 9 and 6 years old and they continue to play with them regularly. While we pack up other toys that they have outgrown, these are consistently the ones we leave out, and get played with regularly. All the neighborhood kids and kids over on a playdate (boys included) love the play silks, too. Whether it's dress up, or some invention or invented world they are creating, the play silks are essential to them. I am so happy we "invested" in the whole collection of silks, and can't thank you enough for offering them." Lynmarie, 9/11 

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