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Large Bolga Basket

Large Bolga Basket

Price: $35.95

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These beautiful handmade baskets, which are called Bolga baskets, are made by artists in a small village in Northern Ghana called Bolgatanga. They have been made there for decades, providing a livelihood for many local families. Bolga baskets are made out of a natural grass known locally as Kinkanhe. Some of the grass is dyed with vibrant colors and is woven into intricate patterns to make the basket. All the baskets in stock have handles wrapped in leather. Fair Trade. 

These baskets are perfect for carrying knitting, felting, crafting projects, picnic and snacks to the park, storing diapers and extra baby clothes in the nursery, storing wooden blocks, legos, dollies or other toys. Great for carrying fruit and vegetables home from the Farmer's Market!

We will do our best to describe and measure each basket we have so you can "love" the one you receive. We know this is a basket you'll use every day so we want it to be in your favorite colors. Please make your selection from the pull down menu. There is only 1 of each basket described.  The inch measurement is the diameter of the top of the basket, basket depths vary a bit. These baskets are shipped flat, you'll want to wet and shape them yourself, we include instructions.

Measurements are taken at the top rim.  All baskets have natural color in them, it will be listed as "N".  Baskets are either Checked ("C"), have Wide Horizontal Stripes("WHS"), Horizontal Pinstripes("HPS"), Vertical Stripes("VS"), or a Complex Pattern ("CP") which may be a combination of all of these plus more.  We will list up to 3 colors, if there are more, they will be called Multi with Pink or Multi without Pink.  Pick one that's right for you!  

"Wow !! It's here and I am just elated, it's gorgeous. Thank-you so very much...due to this lovely break in the weather we will set out (with our new large bolga basket) on our first picnic this afternoon. I believe that you are correct that it is larger; if I am blessed enough to have a 9th grandchild in the future, I will be able to accommodate them and a couple of our friends as well. Once again...Thank-you, Diane  Berg, Napa, CA 2/24/09"

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