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Puddle Pants

Puddle Pants

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We are excited to offer Puddle Pants, the perfect Mud and Rain Children's Overalls.  Inspired by similar designs in Europe, these are now being sold in the American market. 

Our Puddle Pants are great for children who love the outdoors, no matter the weather. They are made of a soft, quiet, rubbery, waterproof material.  They are made of PVC-Free Polyurethane with a Polyester lining attached to the inner layer.  They feature elastic on the bottom of the legs, easy release plastic buckles and adjustable shoulder straps, adjustable side snaps, and feet straps that button into place if you choose to use them.  The soft cloth liner is bonded to the polyurethane outer material, all seams are taped.  They also feature a reflective stripe around the lower leg, great for night-time walks or playing outside during poor visibility.  Pulled over rain boots or winter boots, they keep the water and snow out.  These are thick, will not easily tear and are very well made.

Our Puddle Pants are easily washed off and double as snow pants in the winter with proper clothing underneath.  We recommend our silk or wool long johns.

Playing in the soil and having their hands stimulated with feeling different materials helps children develop sensory skills leading to better eye hand coordination.  But staying dry and warm is also important.  And keeping regular clothes mud-free is a relief to some of us parents!

This is the perfect outer garment for children in preschools, daycares, and kindergardens who spend time playing outside in damp weather.

MESH Lining:  One of our shipments of Puddle Pants has a slight change.  Instead of having a Polyester flannel style lining, they have a thin mesh lining which is adhered to the back of the polyurethane.  This is good for warmer rainy days, and children can still wear extra layers under them for colder rainy days.  These Puddle Pants will be marked with MESH at the beginning.  There are a few sizes and colors where you will have a choice.

Available in Yellow, Red, and Pink- reflective, easy to see, even when covered in mud!

Puddle Pant Measurements: 
86 (6 to 12 months, measurement from top of chest of overalls to bottom of cuff 26 1/2 inches, inseam 13")
92 (1-2 years old, chest to cuff 27 1/2", inseam  14")
98 (2-3 years old, chest to cuff 31", inseam 16")
104 (3-5 years old, chest to cuff 32", inseam 17")
116 (5-7 years old, chest to cuff 33",  inseam 17 1/2")
128 (7-9 years old, chest to cuff 34", inseam 18")
140 (9-11 years old, chest to cuff 36", inseam 20")

European Sizes  (size 86, for example, refers to the centimeter height of the child):
86 (6 to 12 months), 86 cm is 33 3/4" tall child,
92 (1-2 years old ), 92 cm is 36 1/4" tall child,
98 (2-3 years old), 98 cm is 38 1/2" tall child,
104 (3-5 years old), 104 cm is 40 7/8" tall child,
116 (5-7 years old), 116 cm is 45 1/2" tall child,
128 (7-8 years old), 128 cm is 50 3/8" tall child,
140 (8-10 years old), 140cm is 55 1/8" tall child.

Made in China and imported through Germany. Meets all European and American safety standards.

"I work at the Cornerstone School in Stratham NH with Roanne Robbins, the puddle pants have been so helpful. We put them on our students everyday! Kathleen 11/22/2014"

"My 2 year old is enjoying the puddle pants. Incredible. We live in the Pacific Northwest and rain gear is very important to keep enjoying our woods during the winter! Again, THANK YOU! Sarah S. Seattle 10/13/2013"

"THE PUDDLE PANTS ARE ADORABLE - such nice material with elastic around the ankles and extra snaps to adjust the fit under the arms...wow! Thx Nancy E. Carmichael, CA12/12/12"

"Hi Sonya
Thank you for the play pants. They arrived today. My older son tried them on immediately and he loves them. They will be perfect. thanks again, Debbie, Ann Arbor, MI" 9/6/07

"THE PUDDLE PANTS ARE ADORABLE - such nice material with elastic around the ankles and extra snaps to adjust the fit under the arms...wow! Thx, Nancy E., Carmichael, CA 12/12/2012"

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