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<u>My Angel, My Friend</u> by Ruth Magan

My Angel, My Friend by Ruth Magan

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We are excited to offer Ruth Magan's book, My Angel, My Friend. Ms. Magan (one of our neighbors in Fair Oaks, CA) has a genuine love and appreciation for children and angels. After publishing Laughing With Angels for adults, she was inspired to create a picture and story book for children. My Angel, My Friend will remind you that everyone has a special angel who is with you always and loves you forever. In her 48 page, soft cover book (8 1/4" x 10 3/4"), the vibrancy of the watercolor illustrations will please children and adults. All illustrations are by Ms. Magan and the book is printed on non-alcaline paper with organic ink (just in case your child decides to take a nibble).  Ms. Magan has kindly autographed each one of the books I have available. 

"Thank you for your beautiful book, My Angel, My Friend. I keep it right by my chair where I work with my Waldorf students. Although any child will appreciate it, I am currently teaching children at a therapeutic school that uses Steiner's curative education. This book means so much to them. Thank you for such a hopeful gift for the world! Love and blessings, Mimi H. 2006"

"Hi Sonya, I've received everything safe and sound; thank you so much!!!! I love the angel book!  I'm going to share it with my LifeWays teacher and the students in her class this coming Saturday -- I wouldn't be too surprised if you get an order or two for it. :-) Thanks again for all the great stuff, and for sending it to me so quickly.  I love ordering from you!  :-) Audrianne, Salinas, CA 11/28/2012"

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