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Colored Twig Pencil Set

Colored Twig Pencil Set

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A unique set of colored pencils in Tamarind branch twigs. Pencils draw well and children can't resist drawing with them.  Set includes 10 pencils that are either 3 1/2" long, 5" long, or 7" long each. These are fun for goody bags at parties.  They are also great stocking stuffers - split a set among the family!

Note: The color writing core does not go all the way through these Twig Pencils. They are fun to use and feel wonderful in your hands but they won't last forever. Also, parents will need to use a very sharp knife to sharpen them. They cannot be sharpened in a regular pencil sharpener. For years of coloring, we recommend one of our other colored pencil sets you'll find in our art supplies section.

"Twig Pencils are so earthy and visually pleasing that you may be tempted to put them in a vase on your table. They feel wonderful in your hand and the colors are vivid and blend nicely. Reviewed by Wendy C." MotherRising Blog




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