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Grab Bag Play Silks

Grab Bag Play Silks

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Sometimes the dye doesn't dissolve thoroughly or the stitching starts coming undone during the dyeing process, or I've discontinued a color, or the silk is not ironed properly, or, or, or. They are thick 8 mm, but have something small wrong with them. Most children won't notice.

I've just listed some White silks. These are pieces I had cut off a bolt so the shorter sides are unhemmed. They are a little wrinkled but otherwise fine. You can dye them or use them for a project or just use them as a white silk - a ghost!
See options bar for sizes and colors. Please Note that the LONG silks are like a scarf, long and narrow. Sizes are in Inches.

PLEASE NOTE: As with all playsilks, sizes vary from silk to silk. They are hand-hemmed, dyed in very hot water, ironed, and each of these processes can change the size of the silks. They are not perfect square. We find that children do not notice and enjoy each as it is.

"Hello Sonya, Just wanted to let you know that we received our order today (just in time for my daughter's birthday tomorrow! Happy dance. :) ). The silks are beautiful and for a 3 year old, the small stains or color variations are not even noticed. But being able to have all the rest of that beautiful silk in her hands will light up her face each day.
Thanks so much for offering these 'budget' items. For those of us that don't mind a few faults or blemishes, it helps greatly our family continue to provide a more 'authentic' Waldorf home with limited finances. The prompt shipping and courteous emails were appreciated and I will be certain to remember your website/company and hopefully order from you in the future. Thank you, Sarah M. Brooklyn, NY 10/11/2012"

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